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Why is your home page in English?

(7/8/2012) Kfar-Hanassi has an official web page which is written in Hebrew. I didn't think it would be wise to change my site to Hebrew too. Besides, English has always been at least a second language in our community. Many people connected to our kibbutz are English speaking. I find there is a need for an English presentation

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Where can I find material from the kibbutz archives?

(6/8/2009) We do not, as of yet, have a website for the kibbutz archives. I thought it important enough to start something till we have an official site. So the answer would be, archived material currently resides on my web site (Above is still valid on 7/8/2012)

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Who is in charge of the official web site of the kibbutz?

(7/8/2012) The official website that we now have is run by a committee, that is the official state of things, but de-facto, Nurit Oren is running it with the help of the company who built it for us. I have no part in that site, officialy or non-officially

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Why doesn't anyone create an official site for the kibbutz?

(6/8/2009) This question should be reffered to this "anyone" (whoever that is). There has never been too much interest from the "powers that be" to invest in this venture. Ruth Ney (RIP) took it upon herself, at the time, to put together a rather impressive site. This was done as a private business, for lack of management support. After she left us, I took it on just to keep it "simmering". A while ago Yaron Zeevi, took it upon himself to run the site. It is in Hebrew only but has most of the needed data. My site compliments the main one with the English version
(updated 24/12/2009) There is some news regarding the management's interest in the official website - more, as it happens.

Update!! (7/8/2012) As of last year, we have an official website which can be reached from my website or directly at

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Where can I find the Kibbutz main home page?

(6/8/2009) Main Home page (Hebrew only) is at this link

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Where is all the kibbutz data sitting physically?

(6/8/2009) Most of the kibbutz data is on a server here on the kibbutz. The server is sitting on a solid PC with a "linux" operating system. We are backed up locally on my PC (mostly. Other data is backed up at the source PC. The server itself is backed up daily with our ISP (Internet Service Provider) at "Kinneret"

(update 24/12/2009) - Now that the archives have a pretty good PC of their own, more and more data is stored there. I backup parts of their pc on one of my dedicated work pc's

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What kind of internet setup do we have on the kibbutz?

(6/8/2009) We have a a feed between us and "kinneret" who is our ISP. Internally we have a network of fibre-optic lines connecting all our users. The system is controlled by high quality machines such as Firwalls, Switches, Routers, Network managers. We have our own mailing system, proxy and web hosting service. Our connection to "Kinneret" includes virus and spam filtering, daily back up of most server data, Free service short of hardware. There are exceptions where some distent locations are connected via VDSL modems and some remote areas of the kibbutz must do with the old dial-up as there is no inferstructure available.

(update 24/12/2009) - We'll be going over to a super speed line come January 2010. In practice doubling the bandwidth we have today
Update!! (7/8/2012)We are now working on Bezeq NGN lines, presently 40x40 meg

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Can I send questions to this FAQ list? How?

(6/8/2009) Two for the price of one.... LOL. Yes of course you can. Right now, just send me an email (Email link bottom of page). I plan on inserting a response/comment form you can use so as not to get tangled up with email.     Patience please   :-)

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I don't understand where the picture albums are. The forum or your new site?

Right now they are in both places but havn't been available for some time now. The forum seems to be too awkward for many, So I have started moving them into my new site. The first album is operative and about 20% of the pictures in it too (as of 30/7/09). There are 15 albums of 100 pictures each which will take a while to bring to the public. They will all be at your disposal in due time.

(update 24/12/2009) - All 17 albums are up for display. The system has been reduced to simple straightforward albums, mainly for lack of response from site visitors. That means, no place by the pictures, for comments etc'

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Will we be able to comment on the pictures, as we could before?

(6/8/2009) Yes, that is one of the main ideas of the site. The final Archives site will be set at the Archives and run from there. We are supposed to get a program that does exactly that, but are waiting for it for a year now.

(update 24/12/2009) - The option of interactive commenting on pictures, has been withdrawn for lack of use. Any comments you may have can be sent via email and will be dealt with in full respect.
and NO, the interactive option will not be re-installed.

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Would it be possible to thumbnail the pics, maybe at a later stage?

(6/8/2009) First of all - Yes! it is possible, and the reason I haven't done so is two-fold:
It is a long tedious job and I would rather get the albums up and running, than deal with thumbnails
This website is mainly for data-collection on the pictures. It isn't the final archive site.

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Will you ever have a Hebrew version of the site?

(6/8/2009) If the emphasis is on the "you", then probably not. It is time consuming enough upkeeping one version. Besides I believe there are many more "English only" than there are "Hebrew only" people, especially to do with Kfar-Hanassi!
Update!! (7/8/2012) As mentioned above, we have an official Kfar-Hanassi web site in Hebrew, for those who rather use that language.

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How secure is our archived data, and who is in charge of it?

(6/8/2009) As mentioned elsewhere, there is no "official" department or person in charge of anything concerning the internet. I am personally responsible for my own website. As for the archives... I am in constant contact with Rachel
Who is now running things. We have discussed certain security aspects, thinking, as you did, that it is something
to be aware of. If we have doubts about certain material, we delay uploading it to the internet.
Personal data, as far as I'm concerned, has to get the permission of the people involved
If by "security" you mean world wide hacking, viruses, etc.... I have no better answer than any bank/business has
It is one of the things we have to live with, nowdays

(update 24/12/2009) - It is probably much more secure than Facebook !!!

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Why can I get to one album only?

(6/8/2009) It takes many hours to prepare an album. After some other experiences I am inclined to wait and see if there are any
responses to the album project. If there is, I asure you the rest of the albums will be activated too.
There are 14 more albums "in the oven" and there will be more if/when I get more old-time pictures

(update 24/12/2009) - As mentioned elsewhere, all initial 17 albums are open to the public!

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What is the "Harvard project" I hear about?

(24/12/2009) - The University of Harvard are interested in Northern Galilee Kibbutz archives. There representetives here in Israel are "Bet Yigal Alon" in Kibbutz Genosar. We have sent them material that they have scanned (for free) and we now have a hugh amount of pictures and some audio tapes, digitized. They will eventually be set up for public viewing.
For more details you can contact Rachel Ginat at our archives Email: archion (at)

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