"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 1952

Year 1952
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 10
div0010 12/12/1952 Meshek information. Detailed Chevra expences. After the youth group left. In the various departments
div0009 14/11/1952 President Weitzman has gone!! Chaim Weitzman - by Nechemiah. Before the annual asefa meetings. Mazkirut report. Meshek summary and thought on the future - Izzy Devons. Education - Inge. Chevra committee. Work committee. Meshak plans
div0008 22/08/1952 Summer camps. Meshek report. In the Chevra department. At the general meeting.
div0007 18/07/1952 Meshek report. "Our social life" - Israel. In the Chevra departments.
div0006 27/06/1952 Four year anniversary to settling down. The 4th anniversary party. Meshek report. Milk report - Willie. Handcraft departments. "I remember, I remember" - Shalom Namali
div0005 13/06/1952 Settling down. The state of our assets. Meshek report. Chevra departments. From the mouth of babes.
div0004 30/05/1952 Bikurim festival. Meshek report. Chevra departments. From the mouth of babes.
div0003 16/05/1952 Factories council of Habonim. Meshek report. Closing dodwn Mansura. Chevra departments. Water budget. How do we run night shifts?
div0002 02/05/1952 Independence day. Meshek report: Agriculture, Handycraft departments, Chevra departments, General assembly report.
div0001 11/04/1952 Getting out a magazine, 2nd try after a break. What is happening in the farming departments and the Mazkirut?

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