"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 1954

Year 1954
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 5
div0018 08/07/1954 Sixth Settlement day. A decision: tie the dogs up at night or kill all the dogs. At the various branches: Vineyards, Falcha, Vegetables, From the battle diaries of the Mansura commander
div0017 07/06/1954 Bikurim festival. In the various departments. With the arrival of the scouts group. Garage. In Nature. IN the Chevra. Members write.... Odds-and-ends. The Trojan horse.
div0016 06/05/1954 Sixth Independents day. IN the various departments. In the Chevra. A word about "Divrei". In nature. Members write...
div0015 17/04/1954 Pessach. In the various departments. Sheep and Vineyards. Electing a health committee. In the Chevra. Nature. "Tzrif Tarbut". Ambassadors write
div0014 05/03/1954 In the various departments. In the Chevra. Members write... Dog issues.

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