"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 1956

Year 1956
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 10
div0035 07/12/1956 Youth group "Eitanim" arrive. Short summary of the "Kadesh" operation. From mazkirut and Asefa meetings. Financial report on livestock departments. "On the way to battle" - Moshe
div0034 02/11/1956 From the mazkirut and Asefa meetings. From the mouth of babes. Plan vs actual from Meshek departments. Detailed report on fishponds. Summary of building on the kibbutz.
div0033 30/09/1956 Shmuel and Debbie return from service overseas. We get a second youth group. From the mouth of babes. Age group "Ofer" start first grade.
div0032 31/08/1956 Discussions in the mazkirut on developing the sheep business and orchards. Searching for a permanent place for the shoe repair shop. "Trust in our members as opposed to a lock on the door" - Gavriel. Report on Members work days.
div0031 27/07/1956 Going over the situation of the kibbutz at the 8th kibbutz anniversary. Letters from overseas. We broke the country record with "Tiltan Fhali" - 100kg per dunam. Summer camp from Haifa work at grape picking.
div0030 29/06/1956 The stop of Maroco immigration surprises us all. Shalom Namali at the Mercaz meeting. Lack of obedience at the work arangements (Sidur Avoda). We receive a loan for toilets in the "Dachak" houses including a suggested plan.
div0029 01/06/1956 Sheep shearing festival preperations. Various departments report. From the editor's diary: A deep explanation of the game of Cricket. Letters to the editorial.
div0028 17/05/1956 After a long break of the magazine. Various departments report. 5 month financial report. Chevra comittee decided to lock all kibbutz doors. Letters to the editorial.
div0027 27/01/1956 Arrival of group "LA-Negev". Various deprtments report. Asher Wofish on the Canadian Jewry. Changing shifts in the kibbutz management. Carefull, Dancing!! Security alert!
div0026 13/01/1956 Adding manpower. Absorbtion. Cultural activity. This issue is very hard reading.

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