"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 1957

Year 1957
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 11
div0046 18/12/1957 Light festival. In the Mazkirut. Paint and it's use in buildings. "Those thath sow in tears....."
div0045 10/11/1957 ?Chadera? From the Mazkirut. Chevra committee. Stone clearing (SIKUL), Building. On the way to Hadera.
div0044 17/10/1957 Chanan Zehavi - in memory of. From the Mazkirut. the "ASIF" selebration. Falcha. Mispoh & Shalchin. Chalsa. Gardening. Orchards. Vineyards. Cows. Chickens. Sheep. Fish ponds. Culture - doesi it exist here? Numbers tell a story. To an outgoing service representative (Shaliach)
div0043 10/09/1957 News of the past month. From the Mazkirut. Chevra life. Garin Hey after 6 months. Garin "Eitanim". Youth group "Alonim". The author's pay issue in the kibbutz. A farewell letter to an old friend - The "Fargo"
div0042 09/08/1957 9 years to Kfar-Hanassi. From the mazkirut. From various departments. The gardening issue. Memories from the first days on the land. News from Garin "Eitanim". Battle in the Negev.
div0041 05/07/1957 First Bar mitzva in Kfar-Hanassi. Various departments report. Meshek Yeladim.
div0040 04/06/1957 Bikurim festival. In the Mazkirut. Discussion about members holidays. Barious departments report. From the mouth of babes. What's happening in the Chevra. Letters to the editorial.
div0039 06/05/1957 After the "Kadesh" battles - Meir R. various departments report. Deviding up the land. Chalsa. report from the cows departments.
div0038 10/04/1957 Young training group. Hebrew lessons. Discussion on connecting to the statewide electricity system. One phone line for the factory - Voted "yes!". Various departments report. From the library. From the mouth of babes. Garin Hey. From the diary of a fish. Letters to the editorial.
div0037 15/03/1957 Garin Hey arrives. No more hired labour in the vineyards. From the mouth of babes. Various departments report. Special trips. Letters to the editorial.
div0036 15/02/1957 Changing the "Fargo" to a "Volvo". Opening an organized library. A trip to the Negev by one that survived it - Shalom Namali.

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