"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 1958

Year 1958
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 9
div0055 31/10/1958 Study group of the Upper Galilee. From the Mazkirut. Visit of the English and Dutch MACHON. In the orchards. About slightly different animals.
div0054 29/08/1958 Grand (temporary) opening of the swimming pool. From the Mazkirut. Fishponds. Building department.
div0053 01/08/1958 "Arieh" age group celebrate Bar-Mitzva. From the Mazkirut. From the connection committee. My way to the kibbutz - Lulu. Keeping the language straight. Meshek Yeladim. How to arange a party. The tale of a "Gestetner". Transport to far away places.
div0052 02/07/1958 Questions on our 10th anniversary. From the Mazkirut. From the committees. Chess activity. The kibbutz in 10 years time. A year to the departure of Freda. Diary of a school hike. Contemporary Communizm. How to buy a tractor.
div0051 25/04/1958 For Independance day. "HAGANA", "Independence" and "Sinai" tags to our members. From the Mazkirut. Report from the livestock department.
div0050 29/03/1958 10th anniversary. How was our magazine created. In the Mazkirut. New from the library. Hardships of SHLICHUT. First Pessach. "Do it yourself" - white washing the room. The trip to Eilat. The swimming pool. Letters to the editorial.
div0049 06/03/1958 A year for the addition group (Hashlama). From the Mazkirut. Chevra activity report. Preperations for the 10th anniversary. New from the garin in Ein-Gev. Reports from agricultural departments. "Do it yourself" - 3rd article. From the storm of memories. Bulbs, gardening and Ferrets. "The tractor and I" - 2nd continuation.
div0048 05/02/1958 With TU BISHVAT. In the Mazkirut. At the Asefa. From Tarbut committee. Chevra. Meshek planning - land and water. Various departments report. "Do it yourself" - 2nd article. SHLICHIM write. News papers. "The tractor and I" continued. SHOMER MA MILEIL?
div0047 10/01/1958 Getting to the first decade. Report on Chevra committee. 10 years to the dismanteling of the HAAPALA camps in Cyprus. In the Mazkirut. Housing. General assembly. Committees elections. All about locks. News from the garin. News from the editorial. The tractor and me

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