"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 1959

Year 1959
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 8
div0063 02/11/1959 After the elections for the 4th Knesset. News from here and there. From the Mazkirut. From the mouth of babes. Reports from various departments. Election results.
div0062 02/10/1959 For the new year. Summary of the past year. Self check. Chevra achievements. New year in education. Tarbut activities. News from the Meshek. From the mouth of babes.
div0061 04/09/1959 From the Mazkirut. The swimming pool. Running the Mazkirut meetings. Financial situation. New candidates. From the Chevra committee. Students camp 1959. From the mouth of babes. Members write from overseas. The old issue of language. Budgeting the cloths and footware.
div0060 07/08/1959 On moving the library. From the Mazkirut. News from the Meshek. Gardening. Kids holiday. The movements camp for 10th grade. Teacher and GANANOT summer fill-in studies.
div0059 03/07/1959 Article on 1948 to 1959. Demographic survey. Memories from Mansura. From the Mazkirut. Various Meshek departments. End of school year party.
div0058 12/06/1959 BIKURIM festivals. From the Mazkirut. From the committees. Fron various departments. News from "Eitanim". Insights from Mishmar-David. On "Culture". The annual trip. Cron Chevra committee.
div0057 13/05/1959 With Independants day. Meshek departments. Management departments. Our culture standards. Story of an apple tree. On correct watering procedures in the gardens. Points for discussion on the payments from Germany. Plans for Independance day.
div0056 22/04/1959 At Pessach time. In the management departments. A tale of a "Gestetner" - Epilog. In various departments. Question of the mixed kindergarten. Visit to an agricultural exhibition. The Meshek in the eyes of a new immigrant....and the eyes of a tourist.

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