"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 1962

Year 1962
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 7
div0071 09/12/1962 Orchards: ok, so now what?. Organizing the factory. From the kids community. From the mouth of babes. From the past.
div0070 28/09/1962 Reports from various departments. Another year of the factory. Chevra and Meshek. From the kids community. Swimming.
div0069 07/09/1962 Ulpan ended and so did the American group. The vineyards and our kids. News from the factory. At the fish ponds. Sheep. Chalsa. Chicken houses. Orchards. Shelters on the kibbutz. From the mouth of babes. For parents only!
div0068 20/06/1962 From the editorial. About Dov (Garinger?). Report from various departments. Cotton. Falcha. Summer harvests. Sheep. Orchards and Fishponds. Information from Merakez Meshek. Experiences of a Ulpan beginner. The new dinning room. Ulpan and absorbtion on the kibbutz. "Lina Mishpachtit" poll. Reorganizing the main kitchen.
div0067 18/04/1962 Pre pessach opening. Report from the factory. The toy factory "Gamda". Marathon party for Purim. Trip to the Judea desert. How to accept new members when the Garin is closed?
div0066 16/03/1962 From the chicken houses. All about "Chalsa". New at pruning in the orchards. From the Ulpan. Visit of the 2nd Afro-Asian group. Sh.... teacher is talking. Ediie's column. News from our kids.
div0065 18/02/1962 Divrei Hakfar after a very long dry spell. Various departments report. Fishponds. Orchard report. From the mouth of babes. Garin Hey is dead, long live the young generation. From the committees. Budget for the year. Education committee. Ulpan at Kfar-Hanassi. Henrikez request to live here 2 months a year.

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