"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 1967

Year 1967
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 4
div0078 04/10/1967 Editorial. Nature - Johnny Frank. Report by MRACEZ MESHEK. Sports and swimming - Eddie Neminov. Moving kids from one age to another - Frankie Glick. Dogs - Yoseffa Swartzman. Letter to the editor - Pnina.
div0077 21/08/1967 Editorial. LINA MISHPACHTIT. A bit of nostalgia. School headmaster - Shoshana Edelstein. Interview with Yeal Neminov. The ASEFA - height of democracy. The Orchards. Response to the "wonderer" - Eddie Neminov. On the light side.
div0076 19/07/1967 From the editorial - Netta Ellman. An open letter - Israel Avidor. War damages in the various departments. Stories from the shelter - Inge Segal. Strangers in our midst - Eric Erenberg. After the dance Ulpan - Ilana Noah Nurit.
div0075 17/06/1967 After the war. Reflections on the war - Tzila Ben-Reshef. Trip abroad with no Asefa decision - Eddie Neminov. Life in the shelter - Yeal Shprung. Alice in wonderland and the public atmosphere - Eric Erenberg. About the war days - Tamar Wolfin.

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