"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 1968

Year 1968
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 17
div0095 26/12/1968 Perurim - Shaul Samberg. From teh ANAFIM. Cloths store - Sarita Cina. What's the rush? - Michael Cohen. VAADAT MESHEK reoprt. MA NISHMA? TARBUT questionare (again)
div0094 18/12/1968 MA NISHMA? What's the rush? - Dalia Wagner. ANAFIM report. A cock-eyed view - Israel Avidor. A TARBUT questionare.
div0093 12/12/1968 A trip to the dinning room - Shaul Samberg. TARBUT report. What's the rush? - Yehudit Zisman. Committee elections report. Chanuka schedule. MA NISHMA? MAZKIRUT report.
div0092 04/12/1968 MA NISHMA? What's new in CHEVRA committee? Home groups - Gershie Epstein. What's the rush? - Shulamit. Replacements list. MAZKIRUT report.
div0091 26/11/1968 INterview with Tuvia - Dalya Wagner. MESHEK committee report. Manpower report. MAZKIRUT report. Letters from SHLICHIM. What's the rush? - Eddie Neminov. MA NISHMA? from the ASEFA
div0090 20/11/1968 MA NISHMA? Lets get married - Inge Segal. What's the rush? - Batya Raines. Question - Mina Sela. MAZKIRUT report.
div0089 14/11/1968 The CHATIVA - Noah Maayan. MA NISHMA. From the mouth of babes. MAZKIRUT report.
div0088 06/11/1968 What's new in the ANAFIM? Report from TARBUT comittee. MAZKIRUT report. What's the rush? - Tamar Wolfin.From the ASEFA. MA NISHMA?
div0087 30/10/1968 Trip to Iran (last chapter) - Michael Cohen. LOcal board of education - Shoshana Edelstein. What's the rush? - Shulamit. Letters to the editorial - Tamar Wolfin. MAZKIRUT report. MA NISHMA?
div0086 24/10/1968 Trip to Iran (continued) - Michael Cohen. From the mouth of babes. MA NISHMA? From the ASEFA. Memories - Tommy Amit. Response to What's the rush? - Eddie Neminov. Reports from the manpower committee.
div0085 17/10/1968 A trip to Iran - Michael Cohen. MA NISHMA?. What's the rush? - Eddie Neminov. Response to What's the rush - Tommy Amit.
div0084 09/10/1968 From the MESHEK departments - Chickens, Shalchin. NA NISHMA? What's the rush - David Ellman. Replacements - Yael Neminov.
div0083 01/10/1968 Reports from the MESHEK departments: Fishponds, Orchards, Sheep, Falcha, GAMDA. MA NISHMA? From Mazkirut meetings. From the ASEFA. Man-poer report. What's the rush? - Eddie Neminov.
div0082 21/09/1968 Editorial - Tamar Wolfin. Asefot of the year - Shoshana Edelstein. Reports from Health, education and culture departments - Shoshana Edelstein. Absorbtion comittee - Ilse Ben-Chanoch. Other department reports. Learning to draw, and speak Hebrew. Bible study. Arabic and ceramics. Sport - Eddie Neminov. Response to a response, etc - Meir Raines.
div0081 26/07/1968 20 years from the beginning. 20 years of ALIYAH - Tamar Wolfin. In those days - Rachel Avidor. ...and today. In education - Inge Segal. Bar Mitzvah ceremony, response to Meir Raines - Moshe Ben-Chaim.
div0080 26/04/1968 Editorial - Tamar Wolfin. Report from ANAFIM. From the 1950 diary. Beyond Tel-Roman - Batya Raines. 20 years ago - Itzhak Eder. Response to Yael Neminov - Meir Raines.
div0079 04/03/1968 Agriculture - SHALCHIN - Izzy Devons. Question of the day - Anette Maayan. Story by George Ney. 20 years ago - Itzhak Eder. Nostalgia again - Yeal Neminov.

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