"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 1969

Year 1969
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 48
div0142 18/12/1969 We're on the map! - Israel-A; Work report - Eddie-N; Education - Yael-N; This is urgent! - Yehudit-Z; Mazkirut report; Transport, a new system;
div0141 11/12/1969 Education - Tamar; Chanuka - Ilze; Mazkirut report; Running the general meeting;
div0140 04/12/1969 Chanuca times - Ilze; Bar-Mitzva - Tamar-W; V.Tarbut - Eric-E; Suggestions for populating comitees.
div0139 27/11/1969 Reports on home group meetings; Ma Nishma?; From the letterbox - Ilse Ben Chanoch; Reports from ASEFOT, Mazkirut report
div0138 20/11/1969 Ma Nishma?; I care! - Rut Ney; Culture report; Youth age report; GAMDA-KUR report - Eddie Neminof; Work meetings - Shmuel Hatzor; Mazkirut report
div0137 13/11/1969 PARDES report; Perurim from the pot - Yosefa wartzman; Ma Nishma?; VAADAT MESHEK report; Mazkirut report; Asefa reports; Education committee report
div0136 06/11/1969 Letter from the university - Dalia Raines; SHNAT SHERUT - Gadi Amit; On dogs and people - Yosefa Swartzman; I care! - Eddie Neminof; EMEK HULA scholl report; Ma Nishma?; Mazkirut report
div0135 30/10/1969 Election results; Inheritence regulations; Continuous story - Simcha Arnold; Home group meetings; Mazkirut report; Ma Nishma?
div0134 23/10/1969 Before the elections - Meir raines; Why GEZER? - Shmulik; Rabbits and other things - Inge Segal; Ma Nishma?
div0133 16/10/1969 I care! - George Ney; Ma Nishma?; Clothes shop - Sarita Cina; Trip to the Golan - Lou Segal; How we look - Tamar Wolfin; ASEFA regulations; Mazkirut report
div0132 09/10/1969 New work manager - Israel Hadar; I care! - Tamar Wolfin; an apple a day - Yael Neminof; Ma Nishma?
div0131 02/10/1969 Youth report; EMEK HULA school report; I care! - Joe Rifkind; Ma Nishma?
div0130 25/09/1969 From the various branches; VAADAT RECHEV report; Students and regulations; Ma Nishma?
div0129 18/09/1969 Reporting from S.Africa - Israel Avidor; On the elections - Yael Shprung; I care! - Joe Rifkind; Ma Nishma?; Preparing for Rosh Hashana
div0128 04/09/1969 I care! - Phil Glick; Information high school - Pnina and Batya; ASEFOT this month; Announcments; Elections for the Histadrut
div0127 28/08/1969 Ma Nishma?; Mazkirut report
div0126 21/08/1969 Ma Nishma?; Information page - School; VAADAT MESHEK report; Mazkirut report
div0125 14/08/1969 A day in the MAZKIRUT TECHNIT - Yael Shprung; Ma Nishma?; Mazkirut report
div0124x 07/08/1969 Garin "GALIL" report; Ma Nishma?
div0124 31/07/1969 I care! - Tommy Amit; Ma nishma?
div0123 24/07/1969 Perurim from the table - Tamar Wolfin; VAADAT DIRA; NEURIM report; Mazkirut report; Historic announcement - Landing on the moon!!
div0122 17/07/1969 Vaadat Chevra; Ma Nishma?; Tourism report; Mazkirut report
div0121 03/07/1969 Annual trip "Snunit" - Hadassa Ben Natan; Response to Mazkirut rport - Eddie Neminof; Ma Nishma? Mazkirut report; Children in South Galilee
div0120 24/06/1969 School summer holiday; Mazkirut announcment (Netta Ellman); Ma Nishma?; Mazkirut report;
div0119 19/06/1969 Single kibbutz phone not working - Merakez Meshek; Summer Hygene; Youngsters committee report; From the Asefa; Ma Nishma?; Mazkirut report; Where should the TV be?
div0118 12/06/1969 IN the various branches; I care! - Jerry Kelman; On the Mazkirut teport - Joe Rifkind; Mazkirut response; Ma Nishma?; Mazkirut report
div0117 05/06/1969 Orchards report - Zami Ben Zvi; Ma Nishma?; Mazkirut report; "Snunit" Bar-Mitzva plans
div0116 29/05/1969 Kids age committee - Yael Neminof; Ma Nishma?; I care! - Tommy Amit; Mazkirut report
div0115 22/05/1969 I care! - Tommy Amit; Sport report; Tourism - Tamar Wolfin
div0114 15/05/1969 Ma Nishma?; Annual trip "Yarden"; 1st grade camp; Meeting with Rut Golan - Tamar Wolfin; Beyond Tel-Roman - Tommy Amit; I care! - Batya Raines; Bet Blond is sick - Yael Neminof; Mazkirut report
div0113 08/05/1969 Mazkirut report - Age kids leave home - Michael Doari; Work regulations
div0112 01/05/1969 Danger! building in progress; from the post box - Eric Erenberg; Letter to anonymous reader - Tamar Wolfin; Mazkirut report; Investment plan
div0111 24/04/1969 Annual trip "Dror" - Orit Cohen; Ma Nishma?; Cloths shop - Sarita Cina; Mazkirut report; Six month work report; School concert
div0110 17/04/1969 The Ulpan trip; In various branches; Laundry - Ruti; I care! - Panic in the Asefa; Ma Nishma?; Cloths shop - Sarita Cina; Mazkirut report; Yom Haatzmaut - Eddie Neminof & Teri Plotzky
div0109 10/04/1969 I care! - Esther Rose; Ma Nishma?; From the post box
div0108 01/04/1969 I care! - Vaadat Moadon; Ma Nishma?; Mazkirut report
div0107 27/03/1969 Vouse Brent? Meir Raines; Trips overseas - Shmuel Hatzor; Mazkirut report; Vaadat Meshek Report; Orchards report
div0106 20/03/1969 Secrets in the night - Inge Segal; Cloths shop - Sarita Cina; From the postv box - Moshe Ben-Chaim;
div0105 13/03/1969 Purim - Tamar Wolfin; The MESHUSHIM pool - Tamar Wolfin; Sawing course - Sarita Cina; I care! - Franki Glick; What's the rush? - Yoram Ben Chaim; MA NISHMA?; Mazkirut report
div0104 06/03/1969 The month of ADAR - Tamar Wolfin; On ASEFA discussions - Tuvia (Eshtamoah?); Towards Pessach - Yoseffa; Mazkirut report; MA NISHMA?; Vaadat Meshek report
div0103 27/02/1969 Death of the prime minister - Levi Eshkol; Hebrew issues in our kibbutz - Yael Shprung; MA NISHMA?; From the ASEFA; Inthe various ANAFIM; Gusti Rifkind's response to last weeks kitchen report; Mazkirut report; The youngsters page
div0102 20/02/1969 The Kitchen reports - kitchen workers; Letters to the absorbtion comittee; Happiness at work - Hagoshrim; MA NISHMA?
div0101 13/02/1969 Our Jordan - Johnny Frank; Response to last week - Gershie Epstein; Our library - Lou Segal; MA NISHMA?; Mazkirut report
div0100 03/02/1969 General information for overseas trips; Mazkiruut report; Vaadat Meshek report; Questionaire on Banim from other kibbutzim; Ma NISHMA?; From the Asefa; Page from the youngsters
div0099 23/01/1969 Crumbs from the table - Shaul Samberg; Questionaire about banim from many kibbutzim
div0098 15/01/1969 From the pot to the plate - Yoseffa Swartzman; What's the rush? - Len Weintraub; What's the rush? - Eddie Neminov; From the mouth of babes; What's up - Asefa; Mazkirut report
div0097 08/01/1969 MA NISHMA? New swear word "PHACHNIN". What's the rush? - Dot Scheingzicht. Opening of the ULPAN. MAZKIRUT report.
div0096 01/01/1969 When I came home - Rachel Avidor. Voluntary work - Rachel Avidor. MA NISHMA? VAADAT MESHEK report. MAZKIRUT report.

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