"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 1970

Year 1970
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 48
div0187 31/12/1970 Ma Nishma?; Between us and ourselves - Eric; Back from the cold - Phil; An open letter - Shulamit-F; Vaadat Banim; Mazkirut report; Know your kibbutz;
div0186 24/12/1970 Ma Nishma?; I care - Tommy; Between us and ourselves - Eric; deteriation - Shlomit-E Mazkirut report; Asfea report;
div0185a 17/12/1970 statistics and thoughts on the very young generation - Shosh B.Z; The ugly truck - Inge;
div0185 17/12/1970 Ma Nishma?; letter to Bert & Tamar from Simcha; Mazkirut report; from the Asefa
div0184 10/12/1970 Between us and ourselves - Eric; What is happening in the Meshek?; Home meetings; Vaadat Terbut report - Eric-E;
div0183 03/12/1970 A report on the work departments; Between us and ourselves - Eric; How to be involved in an accident without.... Len-W; Shalom to you - Yona Oren; A letter from SA - Tamar; Vaadat Neurim report; Work duty on Saturdays - Eddie-N;
div0182b 26/11/1970 Between us and ourselves - Eric; personal freedom - Michael-C; a song - Alida; Personal freedom - Meir-R; Planning and building - Tommy; About citrus fruit - George; Strange beings in teh moadon - Harvey; Shalom Isaac - Marky; Adomting young people, regulations;
div0182a 19/11/1970 Between us and ourselves - Eric; It matters to me! - Tommy; personal freedom - Jack-G; area meeting - Batya; lets not make it hard for ourselves - Rene-C; It matters to me! - Hadassa;
div0181 12/11/1970 Farewell - Ofra; Between us and ourselves - Eric; more on personal freedom.... - Shmuel-H; I interview - Yael-N; Personal freedom - Collin; Letsv look after our home - Isaac;
div0180 05/11/1970 A letter from afar - Dvora (Maayan?); and another letter - Ilze; It matters to me - Meir-R; Response to Collin and a question to the Chevra - Jack-G; Personal freedom and a corrected society - Michael-C; More on the subject - Rachel-A; A song - Alida; Vaadat Neurim report
div0179 29/10/1970 Between us and ourselves - Eric; It matters to me! - Rachel-A; Studying in winter; Personal freedom in a corrected society - Collin-P;
div0178 21/10/1970 Between us and ourselves - Eric; morning in Gan Rimon - Alida; Discussion as a means for understanding - Yael-Sh; Jerusalem convention - Tommy;
div0177 14/10/1970 A song - Alida; The conquerers - Rachel-A; A financial committee? - Michael-C; On personal freedom and moral conduct - Jack-G; Tourism report - Helen;
div0176b 08/10/1970 Between us and ourselves - Eric; One sided discussion - Alida; Dear Chaverim - The Edelsteins; Letter from afar - The Maders; Vaadat Meshek report;
div0176a 30/09/1970 Between us and ourselves - Eric; Prayb we all be healthy - Pnina; teeth, teeth - Betty-D; Healthy body - Eddie-N; New community - Alida; New year resolutions - Anette-M; A look back - Ilze; My story - Uri-G; In ASOR age group - Ofra; I interview - Yael-N;
div0175 24/09/1970 Vaadat Tarbut report; Ma Nishma (as usual every week);
div0174 17/09/1970 Between us and ourselves - Eric;n is this fair? - Yael-N; Vaadat Hishtalmuiot;
div0173 10/09/1970 Between us and ourselves - Eric; Size of homes with kids - Izzy-D; Vaadat Neurim report; Vaadat Meshek report;
div0172 03/09/1970 Between us and ourselves - Eric; Members words - Sarita; Area laundry, yes or no?; I interview - Yael-N; Vaadat Meshek report;
div0171 28/08/1970 Letter from SA - Tamar; Accomodation issues - Sarita; Night life in mid summer - Doris-W; Progres report of teh Mifal and Meshek;
div0170 20/08/1970 Science fiction story? - George-N; Area laundry - Phillis; About teh area laundry - Aibie; Me again - Edna-C;
div0169 12/08/1970 Between us and ourselves - Eric; I interview - Yael-N; Meeting Machsan and laundry report; Efrat (age 1) writing from the toilet - David-E; Any volunteers for teh Moadon? - Eric-E;
div0168 06/08/1970 Between us and ourselves - Eric; Relaxing at Ganei-Yehuda - Jack & Ruth; Against area luandry - Aibie; Against area laundry - Phillis; Shalom Chaverim - Tamar; Habonim meeting; Vaadadat Meshek report; Vaadat Neurim report;
div0167 23/07/1970 Having that feeling - Yehuda-E; Go IDF! - Edna-C; How to organize garbage - David-E (Shlufa!); Between us and ourselves - Eric; I interview - Yael-N; Vaadat Meshek report;
div0166 16/07/1970 On drivers and driving - Phil-G; A letter from afar - Dani & Yoni; The kitchen symphony - Inge; Between us and ourselves - Eric; Vaadat Neurim;
div0165 09/07/1970 Between us and ourselves - Eric; before the home meetings; It matters to me! - Lenny-Y; Up against shells by the canal - Zeevi-D; Safety regulations for teh holidays - School committee;
div0164 02/07/1970 End of the year - Netta; Between us and ourselves - Eric; This is tradition too - Zipora; Vaadat Chaverim - Aviva Glazer & Bernie Davis; I have an idea; I interview - Yael-N; On every day stuff and garbage - Phil-G; Swimming - Eddie-N;
div0163 26/06/1970 News from SA - Tamar; Honey with a sting - David-E (Shlufa!); It matters to me - Simcha; This matters too - Ruth-G; News from the work departments;
div0162 18/06/1970 35 days in the jail - Gadi; It matters to me! - Jerry-N; Between us and ourselves - Eric; Manpower in the kids houses - Yael-N; From the laundry; From the Services department;
div0161 11/06/1970 I interview - Yael-N; Listen, here is the young generation - Ofra-C; Personal pension fund? - Collin; Vaadat Meshek + Manpower committee;
div0160 04/06/1970 Moadon for the members? - Eric-E; We have a good name - ILze; News bulletin; School committee report;
div0159 28/05/1970 I interview - Yael-N; Vaadat Neurim report;
div0158 14/05/1970 Farewell to "Divrei" - Tamar-W; I interview - Yael-N; Ulpan trip; Vaadat Meshek report; The Mitzvot for teh Bar-Mitazva kids;
div0157 07/05/1970 Home meetings; Work branches report;
div0156 30/04/1970 I interview - Yael-N; Entery to Chorshat Tal - Netta-E; FRom the mailbox - Johnny;
div0155 16/04/1970 I interview - Yael-N; Local school report;
div0154 09/04/1970 A report from Emek Hachula school;
div0153 02/04/1970 I interview - Yael-N; Vaadat Chevra report;
div0152 26/03/1970 Education board meeting;
div0151 19/03/1970 I interview - Yael-N; Vaadat Neurim; It matters to me! - Yehuda-E; Vaadat Meshek report; Summary of various branch expences;
div0150 12/03/1970 The state of work oranization - Eddie-N; Education report; I interview - Yael-N;
div0149 27/02/1970 I interview - Yael-N; News from the laundry;
div0148 12/02/1970 I interview - Yael-N; Summary of Library activitiy - Lou-S;
div0147 29/01/1970 I interview-Yael-N; From the mail box - Irit; Summary on the Moadon - Vaadat Tarbut; From the laundry - Batya; Personal budget for the year; A learning month; Kibbutz maps;
div0146 22/01/1970 I interview - Yael-N; News from teh laundry; Home meetings about work;
div0145 15/01/1970 I interview - Yael-N; On the Flu - Eddie-N;
div0144 08/01/1970 Why I shouldn't be married to a lost dog owner - Libi-W; Tarbut report; Vaadat Banim - Israel-A; It matters to me - Ruti-M;
div0143 01/01/1970 Furniture committee - Yitzhak-E; Mazkirut report;

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