"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 1971

Year 1971
Number of issues since beginning of year:-     49   (including unscanned)
div0235 29/12/1971 "Ma nishma?"; "It matters to me" - (Dalia Raines); "Hebrew culture" - (Tommy Amit); "From here and there" - (Yosefa Swartzman); "Good old age" - (Dov Collette); "House meetings"; "Report from Habonim by Alfie Natan" - (Rona Englesberg);
div0234 22/12/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "Library news" - (Lou Segal); "Join the reserves and be young" - (Tommy Amit); "Vaadat Tarbut report"; "An evening with Kfar Hanasi girls in basic training" - (Ilana Cohen); "Mazkirut report";
div0233 15/12/1971 "Neminof family responding"; "Question to the administration" - (Yael Neminof); "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Sorces of the Hashmonaim revolution" - (Rona Englesberg); "Mazkirut report";
div0232 09/12/1971 "Ma nishma?"; "Destiny of a note" - (Inga Segal); "It matters to me" - (Michael Cohen); (Interview with Marky" - (Rona Englesberg); "Vaadat Chevra report";
div0231 01/12/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "In my opinion" - (Response collection); "Lets discuss things" - (Netta Ellman); "Was, and is no more" - (Avidor family); "Who are "religious?" - (Inga Segal); "Mazkirut report";
div0230 24/11/1971 "Ma nishma?"; "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Working visitors"; "Report from the chicken houses" - (Gershon Sherak); "Vaadat Meshek report"; "Mazkirut meeting report";
div0229 17/11/1971 "Month of Kislev" - (Eric Erenberg); "Ma nishma?"; "Proffesional meeting" - (Inga Segal interviewing Arieh Nitzan); "On good taste and housing culture" - (Gila Mader);
div0228 10/11/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "End of a long day" - (Michal Segal); "Interviewing Chris Jackson" - (Rona Englesberg); "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Language culture" - (Sara Davolt); "Vaadat Chinuch report"; "Mazkirut reoprt";
div0227 03/11/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "End of cotton picking season" - (Jerry Kelman); "A year in Bet-Shan" - (Ilana Cohen); "Adding something to Ilana" - (Noah Avidor); "Mazkirut report";
div0226 27/10/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "Temporary manpower" - (Rut Ney); "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "From the study room" - (Sara Davolt); "Mazkirut report"; "Eulogy for Malka Bigger" - (Yitzhak Eder);
div0225 20/10/1971 "Ma nishma?"; "It matters to me" - (Rene Cohen); "Thought on taking on a job" - (Shmeul Hatzor); "Magazine editors meeting" - (Sara Davolt); "Transportation";
div0224 15/10/1971 "Ma nishma?"; "Married 25 years!" - (Jaque & Rut Golan); "Country championship" - (Eddie Neminof); "MOssie talking about Mavo-Chama" - (Inga Segal);
div0223 06/10/1971 "Ma nishma?"; "What about Succot?" - (Rona Englesberg); "Changes in Kibbutz culture" - (Eric Erenberg); "Vaadat meshek reports"; "Mazkirut report";
div0222 29/09/1971 "Festival season" - (Eric Erenberg); "Ma nishma?"; "A Russian immegrant" - (Sara Davolt); "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Interview with Gila Mader" - (Rona Englesberg);
div0221 22/09/1971 "In memory of Eualiptus trees" - (Yochanan Sela); "Ma nishma?"; "Paths of education" - (Yael neminof); "Dog problem" - (Yaron Cina); "Vaadat Neurim report";
div0220 15/09/1971 "Instead of 'Ma Nishma?' "; "May they multiply"; "Vaadat Chevra report"; "Report on building" - (Alec Collins); "Vaadat Banim report" - (Yael Shprung); "Kibbutz situation" - (Michael Doari); "Here and there" - (Yosefa Swartzman); "Bikes for one, bikes for all" - (Bat-Sheva Marcusson); "Mazkirut meeting report"; "Rosh Hashan celebrations";
div0219 08/09/1971 "Ma nishma?"; Max on his mission (Shlichut)" - (Interviewed by Inga Segal); "Hello members" - (Tamar Wolfin); "We care" - (DROR age group); "Transport" - (Phil Glick); "From the reference library" - (Sara Davolt);
div0218 01/09/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "Here and there" - (Yosefa Swartzman); "Shnat Hachshara members writing"; "Lost & Found corner"; "Reserve duty in a woman's eye" - (Shulamit Frank);
div0217 25/08/1971 "Ma nishma?"; "Open letter to those leaving us" - (Yael Neminof); "A trip in Europe" - (Nurit & Gabi Oren); "Stealing - will it end?" - (Rut Ney); "Mazkirut meeing report";
div0216 18/08/1971 "Front page" - Eric Erenberg); "Ma Nishma?"; "Mazkirut meeting decisions"; "Sport for all" - (Len Weintraub); "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Mourning Harry" - Eddie Neminof); "A questionaire on Marriage";
div0215 11/08/1971 "Interview with Leora Edelstein"; "Ma Nishma?"; "Art & Artists" - (Michel Cohen); "Unfair" - (Batya Raines); "On kids and films" - (Jeanette Primost);
div0214 04/08/1971 "15th month of AV" - (Eric Erenberg); "Ma Nishma?"; "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Here and there" - (Yosefa Swartzman); "5th grade camp" - (Hadassa Ben-Natan); "Mazkirut meeting report";
div0213 28/07/1971 "Ma nishma?"; "Here and there" - (Yosefa Swartzman); "Eulogy before your time" - (Meir Raines); "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Mazkirut meeting report";
div0212 21/07/1971 "Front page" - (Eric ERenberg); "Ma Nishma?"; "If you don't mind" - (Henry Ben-Yehuda); "What a group" - (Tzila Ben-Reshef); "Meshek Yeladim report" - (Yohana Potash); "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Vaadat Meshek report"; "Asefa decisions";
div0211 14/07/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "Here and there" - (Yosefa Swartzman); "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Vaadat Neurim report"; "Mazkirut meeting report";
div0210 07/07/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "New in the laundry"; "End of the school year" - (Shulie Devons); "The time has come" - (Jaque Golan); "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Democracy and Individuality" - (Michael Cohen); "Mazkirut report"; "Kabalat Shabbat" - (Eric Erenberg);
div0209 30/06/1971 "Soon Meshek celebration" - (Shulamit Frank); "Various reports"; "Ma Nishma?"; "Reports from swimming & Bridge"; "About Ma Nishma?" - (Rachel Avidor); "25 years ago today" - (Yitzhak Eder); "I came... I read... I heard..." - (Yosefa Swartzman); "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Mazkirut reoprt"; "Before Asefa: Long term manpower planing";
div0208 23/06/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "Heard... read... went..." - (Yosefa Swartzman); "Story of a meatball" - (Edna Collins);"Sheep & Orchards report" - (George Ney); "To continue or not to continue" - (Inga SEgal); "Somthing about the army" - (Zipora Samberg); "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Vaadat Meshek report"; "Vaadat Neurim report"; "Mazkirut meeting report"; "About house meetings";
div0207 10/06/1971 "Mqa Nishma?"; "I heard and wrote" - (Yosefa Swartzman); "Once upon a time...." - (Inga Segal); "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "From the laundry" - (Phillis Collett); "Long term Manpower planning" - (Gershie Epstein); "Kabalat Shabbat";
div0206 03/06/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "Vaadat Chevra report"; "Swimming season" - (Eddie Neminof); "Guard duty"; "Mazkirut meeting report"; "Asefa decisions"; "Kabalat Shabbat";
div0205 27/05/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Transport" - (Phil Glick); "From the Machbesa" - (Phillis Collett); "Vaadat Meshek report";
div0204 20/05/1971 "For Pessach 71" - (Joe Cina); "To Dror age group" - (Mina Sela); "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "When the sun went down" - (Marie Sherak); "Mazkirut meeting report"; "25 year celebration" - (Batya Raines);
div0203 13/05/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "King's riddle" - (Bat-Sheva Marcusson); "I care" - (Michael Cohen); "Vaadat Chevra report"; "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg);
div0202 28/04/1971 "From the AVODA party meeting" - (Lou Segal); "Song for memorial day" - (Hadassa Ben-Natan); "Mazkirut meeting report"; "Ma Nishma?";
div0201 22/04/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "3 Day march"; "Between us & ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Vaadat Chevra report"; "Vaadat Meshek Report";
div0200 14/04/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "Not very nice" - (Pam Menzigourski); "It matters to me" - (Rene Cohen); "The 3 day march" - (Jayson Pearlson); "Manegement meeting report"; "Mazkirut meeting report";
div0199 08/04/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "Between us and ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Purim party" - (Shulamit Frank); "Eating together" - (Bat-Sheva Marcusson); "Letter from the Wolfins"; "Vaadat Meshek Report"; "Mazkirut meeting report"; "Vaadat Chinuch report";
div0198 25/03/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "Purim party in a mixed community" - (Inga Segal); "It matters to me" - (Michael Cohen); A trip through the walls of Jerusalem" - (George Ney); "About house meetings" - (Collin Primost); "Vaadat Neurim report"; "House meetings" - (Netta Ellman); "Mazkirut meeting report"
div0197 18/03/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "Between us and ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Vaadat Horim" - (Edna Collins); "It matters to me" - (Phil Glick); "It matters to me" - (Simcha Arnold); "The truth about Alumot" - (Shlomit Waterman); "Questionaire (about housing)";
div0196 11/03/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "Fullfilling needs section" - (Tommy Amit); "Asefa decisions"; "Mazkirut report";
div0195 04/03/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "In the (Hebrew) year 5737" - (George Ney); "Between us and ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Vaadat Chevra report"; "Mazkirut meeting report"; "Overseas trips (for the Asefa)";
div0194 25/02/1971 Ma Nishma?; "Between us and ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "On the kibbutz" - (George Ney); "Vaadat Meshek report"; "Mazkirut report"; "Asefa report";
div0193 18/02/1971 Ma Nishma?; trip to the snow - Yael-N.
div0192 11/02/1971 Ma Nishma?; Mazkirut report; Vaadat meshek report; Asefa report
div0191 04/02/1971 Ma Nishma?; Between us and ourselves - Eric; Know your kibbutz; Mazkirut report; Vaadat meshek report;
div0190 28/01/1971 Ma Nishma?; A bright corner - Netta; Know your kibbutz; Mazkirut report; Vaadat meshek report;
div0189a 21/01/1971 Ma Nishma?; Between us and ourselves - Eric; Know your kibbutz; Vaadat Meshek report;
div0189 14/01/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "What's happening on the kibbutz?"; "My world - your world" - (Alida Yarden); "Vaadat Meshek report"; "Vaadat Neurim report";
div0188 07/01/1971 "Ma Nishma?"; "Between us and ourselves" - (Eric Erenberg); "Mazkirut report"

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