"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 1999

Year 1999
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 7
Number of issues since 19/11/1999 (Begining of digitized Divrei):- 7
#1674 31/12 Editorial(Dalia-b); Perurim(Tzila-b.r.); "thank you" for chanuka; Phyllis starts working with alternative medicine; Golden age(Haleen); "wondering dogs on the kibbutz(Sarit-c Roy-a); Bet Blond(Shabi-m); "Phylosophy and economy"(Michael-c); "walking the kibbutz perimiter"(Rachel-a); GHR web site; odds and ends(Eric-e);
#1673 24/12 Opening page (Dalia-b); Perurim(Mickey Nira); Telephones(David-e); "answer to Eric"(Yael-sh); "what are the Gola HIghts for me"(Inge-s); "You have a question?"(Netta-e);
#1672 17/12 Editorial - first rain(Dalia-b); Perurim(Shabi-m); Getting ready for the new milenium(Yael-sh); "something about e-mail"(Davvid-e); "Children's activities(Yaeli-z Michal-g); Blood donations(Tony-y); "Ending of the year"( YItzchak-e); "the good things still left in our kibbutz(Eric-e);
#1671 10/12 Editorial(Dalia-b); Perurim(Tamir-sh); "a manager for every Haver"(Shosh-s); "work for Vatikim"(Inge-s); "Letter to Michael"(Eddie-n); "Letter to Sarita"(Eddie-n);
#1670 03/12 Perurim (Michal-D); Degrading of the ASEFA, car taxing: (Eric-E); Internet isn't just sex (David-E); About trees and cars (Alon K); Building inspector (Roman-R);
#1669 26/11 Perurim (Shoshana-Sh); On phones and communications (David E); Giving away HABONIM to HAMLET (Eric-E); Health and welfare (Dalia W)
#1668 19/11 Dinning room parlament (Inge): food, laundry and markolit prices; Sugerless cakes (Shoshi-K); Gold Age club (Haleen); Letter from Barbara-b; On medicines and OTC (Yael-Sh);

Created by David Ellman