"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 2005

Year 2005
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 50
Number of issues since 19/11/1999 (Begining of digitized Divrei):- 311
#1979 30/12 "Perurim" (Shabi Mizrachi); "Avi Halevi - R.I.P."; Galil Elyon sing 'MESAIAH'" (Liela Hart); "Two Chanuka stories" (Mordechai Brower); From 'Tel-roman' communications department" (David Ellman); "Preparing for the New-year's kiss" and "What's in a kiss?" (Shoshana Sharkey);
#1978 23/12 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Birthdays and other dates" (Shulamit Frank); "Chanuka that was" (Tommy Amit); "Chanukiot from different periods"; "How to look after your possesions" (External); "Chanuka activities"(
#1977 16/12 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiener); "Little green corner" (Itzik bendor); "Editorial" (Shoshana Sharkey)
#1976 09/12 "Perurim" (Shabi Mizrachi); "a response to Shlufa" (David Ellman); "Bet Yonatan" (Lenny Idan [Rose]); "Shlufa's nightmare" (Shabi Mizrachi); "Shiuch Dirot, the hot B8 section" (Collin Primost)
#1975 02/12 "Perurim" (Itzik Ben-dor); "Bet-Blond a summary" (Shlufa); "About Electronic Mail" (David Ellman);
#1974 25/11 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Letter to the old and the young" (Irit Gershman); "Beit-Yonatan" (Lenny Edan [Rose]); "Internet" (David Ellman);
#1973 18/11 "Perurim" (Shabi Mizrachi); "a clarification" (Shiela Ben-Yehuda); "Do not touch VETEK rights" (Collin Primost); "A thank you letter to Itzik Ben-dor" ; "Holiday in Eilat" (Leila Hart)
#1971 04/11 "After the Chagim" (Teri-Laping and Dorit Rozenkrantz; "Car pool scheduling" (Elinoa Bar-David); "Another view on housing - Shiuch Dirot" (Colin Primost); "Little gren corner" (Itzik Bendor); "From the Editor" (Shoshana Sharkey)
#1970 28/10 "Perurim from Succa" (Shabi Mizrachi); "how to say things differently (anonymous); "an open letter to Michal Dadosh" (Adam ben-chanoch);
#1969 21/10 "Perurim in the Succa" (Avi and the Rozenkranz's); "I'm here by privilage and not by mercy" (Sheila Ben-Yehuda); "Summary of the swimming season" (Leah Katz); "Galil-Elyon choir at Tabcha" (Leila Hart); "The little green corner" (Itzik Bendor; "Short songs for Shabat" (Dudu Palma)
#1968 14/10 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Letter from Dudik" (Dudik Fuks); "A story" (Shlomo Abas); Blessings for the new year (Tzila Bem-Reshef)
#0000 07/10 "Digi Divrei" is on holiday this week !!
#1967 30/09 "Perurim" (Itzik Ben-Dor); "Things said in memory of Tzvika Korenblit" (Tzila Ben-Reshef); "Thank you from Tuba" (Yunes the trainer); "Thank you for the evening" (Avital Shuval); "A big thank you (Shabi Mizrachi); "Thank you" (Yanir Korenblit); "Response from the residents commitee (Sarit Collins); "A coin has two sides" (Nira Koren); "More on Mati Devon" (Elisha Wolfin); "To my very dear mother" (Shulamit Devon); "In honer of Imma" (Paul Ataya); "The ease at which we pick lives" (Dudik Fuks); "About our youth" (Tzila Ben-Reshef); "The gods must be crazy" (Ehud Ellman); "Response to Ehud's letter" (Shlomo Wiesbeker); "News from the network" (David Ellman); Recepie for Shana Tova cake" (Tamar Wolfin)
#1966 23/09 "dear mom, now we are orphans" (Miriam Cohen); "to my dear mother" (Leah Katz); "Grandma" (Adva Katz); "In memory of Mati" (Lenny Idan "Rose"); "Mati Devon" (Tamar Wolfin); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkranz); "Wanted to write and share" (Giora and Katya); "Sometimes dreams come true" (Avi Rozenkranz); "From whom the blessing? To whom the thanks?" (Michal Dadosh); "Letters in a different style" (Shabi Mizrachi)
#1965 16/09 "Perurim" (Shabi Mizrachi); "Mazal Tov to newly-weds: Chedva (Wolfin) and Dani, Ofri (Wagner) and Eyal; "End of Bayit-Rishon" (Sarah Devolt); more on housing "Shiuch Dirot" (Maya Ben-Chanoch; "More on our Internet system" (David Ellman); "Anuual Shai-Lachag" (Yossi Mellina Tzipora Samberg Shulamit Frank); "To be or not to be" (Irene Shein);
#1964 09/09 "Perurim" Michal Gluck); "Drivers on call" (Bat Sheva Marcuson); "Our Syrian neighbors return" (Adam Ben-Chanoch; "Open letter to Eitan Gdalizon" (Tamar Wolfin); "A Jew doesn't curse a Jew" (Shabi Mizrachi); "To be or not to be" (Irene Shein);
#1963 02/09 "Perurim" David Ellman); "From the editor" (Shoshana-Sharkey); from the "soft-age"(?) (Ayelet Marom); "More on housing and open letters" (Shlomo Weisbeker); "Reply to Gideon and the others" (Jeanette Primost); "Farewell to the kids going from Kindergarden to school" (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#1962 26/08 "Perurim" (Ilze Ben-Chanoch; "The Solomon Complex" (Adam Ben-Chanoch; "In answer to Shlufa" (Dudu Palma); "To the members of Kfar Hanassi" (Ilana Veler [Cohen]); "The gift" (Bob Vignaux); "I don't have another country ether" (Dudu Palma); From Banim commitee (Victor Ben-Reshef);
#1961 19/08 "Perurim" (Ari Shteiner); "Man is like the tree of the field" (Shabi Mizrachi); "Something has happened in Kfar-hanassi" (Shlufa); A letter from Gush Katif (Oded Eytam); "On both sides of the fence" (Gila Amit Doari)
#1960 12/08 "I don't full-fill God's promises to Abraham" (opening page - Chanoch Levine), Perurim (Itzik Bendor), More on housing (Eitan Gedalzon), "Yesha" an existance threat (prof. Arnon Sofer), What are our limits(David ellman), Call for distribution of "blue ribbons"(Itzik bendor), Prayer for the country(Sara Devolt),
#1959 05/08 Roman Reuvenof departed - R.I.P(Hadassa ben-natan, Shoshana Sharkey, Avi Rozenkranz); Perurim(Avi Rozenkranz)
#1958 29/07 Perurim (Shabi Mizrachi); Taiming a tiger?(Shar Kasdan); Announcing Yael Neminof's 80th birthday; More on "Shiuch Dirot" (Gideon-L Itai-S Aharon-L); Big pub party on friday;
#1957 22/07 Mazal Tov on Kfar-hanassi's 57th birthday; "Inventory" a song by Tamir shprung; Perurim(david ellman); News from our kids in the army(Rachel ginat); "the thin line between tolerance, freedom and..."(jack golan); Dudu Palma's new book; response to response on last weeks article(Shoshana Sharkey); Response to letter in mail boxes(Reggie Jayson Pearlson); New from our swimmers in the Maccabia
#1956 15/07 Perurim (Michal-Gluk); Welcome Yanai and Bonitta Collet; From the editor(Shoshana-sh); From the farewell evening for Kobi and Asaf(Yael-sh, Nurit-o, Dalya-w, Ayelet-m, Tzila-b.r., Kobi-lam); On Shiuch Dirot(Roy-b); Getting religious?(Shoshana-sh); Article by Dudu-p; Question regarding gas station(Shoshana-sh); More on Bar-Mitzva;
#1955 08/07 "Splitting Divrei responsibility"(shoshana sharkey); Shani Kaplan is born; Perurim(shabi-m); Reggie responds to Roy-b's letter; End of school blessing by parents(Tamir-sh); Farewell party notice for Kobi and Asaf
#1954 01/07 Perurim(Avi-r); "Something happened in Kfar-hanassi?"(Dudi-f); "On the upcoming court case(?)(Zipora-s); "On the law-suit(Roy-b); More on the upcoming Bar-Mitzva; "Digi Divrei"(David-E); Internet issues(David-e); summer electricity prices(Jayson-p); Keywords: "SHIUCH DIROT INTERNET DIVREI BAR-MITZVA ORANGE RIBBONS"
#1953 24/06 Perurim(Ari-sh); Tal and Ian married; "thank-you" from Isaac and Jane (David Telem and Einav, married); Letter to Avi-R(Dudu); Renting prices for sound eqp. (Ilan-Medina); Countdown to Bar-Mitzva;
#1952 17/06 Perurim for SHAVUOT(Avi-R); "A realistic fairy-tale"(Ilze B-CH); "On education"(Avi-R); Levi-G 80th birthday(Zipora);
#1951 10/06 A letter(Dudu); David Telem and Einav - married; A letter on the AOL mail problem(David-E);
#1950 03/06 Editors resignation letter(Shoshana-sh); Perurim(Avi-R); On editors resignation letter(David-E); Chave worried about democracy here(anonumous); meeting for Michael-D(Yael-N); "snowball and the emperor's new cloths(Tommy-A); Moe on the upcoming bar-mitzva; "The digital corner"(David-E); "thank you" from Daria and Alon(wedding); MIchael-D 14 years later(Shoshana-sh)
#1949 27/05 Perurim(Neurim); "Late response"(Avi-R); "Dudu you missed the point"(Ayelet-M); "So who really killed Arlozorov?"(Avi-R); Bar-mitzva web site; "Little green corner(Itzik)
#1948 20/05 Lag B'Omer; Daria and Alon(married); Perurim(David-E); "Who killed Arlozorov?"(Dudu-p); About the new bulletin board; "thank-you" from Shulamit on her 70th birthday; "thank-you" from the Yom Haatzmaut team; More on teh bar-mitzva;
#1947 13/05 Perurim(Michal-g); The bulletin board has died(David-E); "the day the kibbutz died?(David-e); "the dead kibbutz"(Shoshana-sh); "Thank-you" from Bat-sheva to Netta; "thank-you" from Irene on her birthday; "Karibu" galary in Rosh-Pina(Sarita); Macabi Tel-Aviv (Shabi);
#1946 06/05 PerurimShabi); "a dream come true?"(Allan-E); "The day the kibbutz died(Avi-r); Telephones, news(David-E); Little green corner(Itzik); purple corner 1(Shar-K); Purple corner 2(Shar-K); Yom ha-atzmaut menu(
#1945 29/04 PESACH; perurim(Avi-r); "Thank-you" from Miriam-c to all those who helped with the SEDER; HAGADA (Avi-r); Renovation of the park(Micky-K); Bar-Mitzva, reading the Torah ceremony; Editorial(Shoshana-sh);
#1944 22/04 "B'Reshit..."(from the clinic); Perurim(Dorit-b); Kehila manager's blessing for Pessach (Kobi-l); Yael-sh's Mother departed; Bet-Blond(Shabi & Tziona); "from generation to generation(Jack-g); "all about Popes(itzchak-e)
#1943 15/04 Perurim(Avi-r); "Spring is wonderful"(the gardening team); A film server(David-e); notice for "Klalit Mushlam" members; Polish Gefilteh fish recepie (shulamit-f); FRom the laundry; a request for more PERURIM writers;
#1942 08/04 Perurim(Shabi); Olga-e's mother departed; Tamar-w's mother departed; "an artist is born"(Avi-r); "Goodnight Kfar-hanassi" project(Shulamit-f); "Genesis II"(Tirtza C)(a re-write);
#1941 01/04 "Genesis II (Tirtza-c); Shoshana Palma departed; "Our Shoshana(Hagar); "Mother" (Dudu-p); "Mother" (Mira); Perurim(Ari-sh); A new tradition(Ilze); "The flintstones" 12th grade song; Purim pictures(David-e); "thank you" for birthday party(Sami-b.z); Trumpet concertby Lotan-m); Brenda's 80th( Henry and Shiela); 60 years ago(Itzchak-e); What is happening(Kobi-l); Meeting in Tuba with Yossi Bailin(Rafi-f); Little green corner(itzik); "Sarees egg salad and Sinatra"(Reggie, Rut-g, Vita, Sarita,Yael-sh, Chana-m, Marion)
#1940 25/03 Purim story(Shoshana-sh); Perurim(Shabi); Learning Iddish(Sarah-d);
#1939 18/03 Perurim(Avi-r); Objection denied(Shlomo-w); "Importance of labour party(Aryeh-w);
#1938 11/03 Introducing Oz-sh. bar-mitzva boy(Ilze); Bar-mitzva news(Elisha-w); response to Ami-b.z(Allan-E); Response to Ami-b.z(Shabi); Opening the pub(Elad-sh); Little green corner(Itzik); Safty for Purim
#1937 04/03 Perurim(Michal-g); Letter from Ami b.z to the kibbutz; To Shoshana(Maayan-p); Response to "nostalgia or what?"(Shoshana-sh); "Living values"(Tzila b.r.); Reading the Tora, bar-mitzva(Ilze); Anouncing the Purim party;
#1936 25/02 Perurim(Avi-r); Nostalgia or what(Shoshana-sh); 3rd report an virus attack(David-e); "Thank you" for the Tzunami fund raising(Tzila b.r);
#1935 18/02 Valentine?; Perurim(Shabi); about presents(Netta); keep alert(Natan-b); "hot soup on a cold day"(Carol-b); Betty Eder's story
#1934 11/02 Perurim for winter(Avi-r); "Mul Golan" new housing project(Collin-p); Prices of gas (Itzik); Introducing Deen Koren and Shai Amar(Ilze); Outsider (Avi-r on Ephraim Kishon); More reports on massive virus attack(David-e); Little green corner(Itzik);
#1933 04/02 Perurim(Baldwin); On Ephraim Kishon and Cherut Lapid(Shoshana-sh); The importance of voting for TAKAM secratery(Aryeh-w); More on the bar-mitzva(Rafi-f); the Tzunami fund raising fare; Reprting a massive virus attack on our network(david-e);
#1932 28/01 Perurim(Ari-sh); Before the vote on Len-w's pettition (Gadi-a); Something from the clinic(Dorit-b); Editorial(Shoshana-sh); E-mail from Asi-sh; Reminder for the Tzunami fund raising fare(Reggie-p); Tu Bishvat meal(Galil); In memory of Moran Amit(Dudu-p);
#1931 21/01 Perurim(Ilze b-c); on our security(Shlomo-W); Intervue with Yarden and Itai, Tzunami survivers(shoshana-sh); Introducing Dor-G and Yaniv-g(Ilze); Letter from Dani-K on moving to Kishurit; "a place that is home(Brian-K); about tv and other waves(Avi-R); The Tzunami fund raising fair; The little green corner(Itzik); Watch your credit card!!(an outside lawyer)
#1930 14/01 Perurim(Michal-G); welcome to new residents; "Thank-you" for kibbutz services(Marion); "Dear Banim" (Tommy-A)
#1929 07/01 Editorial(Dorit-B); Perurim(Shabi); "Thank-you" for support(Carol-B); Farewell letter(Shuli Davon); "Thank-you" for 80th birthday(Mati Davon); letter from Tuba on the junction issue;

Created by David Ellman