"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 2006

Year 2006
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 54
Number of issues since 19/11/1999 (Begining of digitized Divrei):- 364
#2030 29/12
"Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "welcome Matan and Daniel" (Dudu Palma); "Unbelievable (Avi Rozenkrantz); "A beware letter" (Alec & Edna Collins); "Health corner" (???)
#2029 22/12
"Perurim" (Itzik Bendor); "Honey - the natural antibiotics" (Naomi Forster); "Global warming by 2024" (Jaque Golan);
#2028 15/12
"Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Two Chanuka stories (Shoshana Sharkey); "A quiet revolution in our library"; "Issacs fear" (Dudu Palma); "A Chanuka blessing" (Traditional)
#2027 08/12
"Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Farewell" (Jayson and Regie Pearlson); "More on Junk mail (David Ellman, From Kinneret); "Garin Tzabar" (Ari Shtiner and Rafi Frank); "Strange signs" (Shoshana Sharkey);
#2026 01/12
"Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Diets and eating tips" (Shaoshana Sharkey); "Fighting junk mail" (David Ellman); "The local Gym" (Boaz Ney); "About plastic and Microwaves" (Shoshana Sharkey)
#2025 24/11
"Seven years to Digi-Divrei" (David Ellman); "Perurim" (Itzik Bendor); "Brain-storming forum" (Tommy Amit); "Physical activity and Cardial health" (Outsider); An article by Dudu Palma;
#2024 17/11
"Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Backaches and physical activity" (Outsider); "Garin Tzabar - weekly report" (Rafi Frank); "Close neighbor is better than a distant brother" (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2023 10/11
"The way of a smile" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Perurim" (Ari Shtiener); "Soul music" (Jaque Golan); "Physical actiivity as a way of life" (Shoshana Sharkey); "In response to...." (Shabi Mizrachi); "Story/Poem" (Dudu Palma); "Rules for Diet" (Ruti Gedalzon)
#2022 03/11
"Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Health month in KH" (Nurit Oren); "Garin Tzabar" (Rafi Frank and others); "A year without Yuppi Aptrut" (Elinoah Bar-David and Erez Aptrut); "The day the phone exchange crashed" (David Ellman);
#2021 27/10
"Perurim" (Ilse ben-chanoch); "Visitors stealing" (Jane Telem); "Reply to Jane" (Korin Shprung); "Garin Tzabar - 6 more participants" (Rafi frank);
#2020 20/10
"Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); Two poems by Dudu Palma and Oded Peled; "Garin Tzabar" (Rafi Frank);
#2019 13/10
"About Simchat-Torah"; "Perurim" (Itzik Ben-dor); "Dear street tree" (Poem by Elisha Wolfin); "when I run, the sun runs with me" (Dudu Palma); "Electricity hours/prices" (Jayson Pearlson); "Gariin Tzabar" (Rafi Frank); "Blessings for the new year" (Tzila Ben-Reshef);
#2018 06/10
"The prayers of Yom Kippur" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Little green corner" (Itzik Bendor);
#2017 29/09
"Socrates and Aplaton" (shoshana sharkey); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Miluim Diary #3" (boaz ney); "a story ?" (Oded Peled); "Garin Tzabar" (Rafi frank); "Bet Blond" (shabi mizrachi); "Security issues" (Norman Barak);
#2016 22/09
"From the Editor" (Shoshana Sharkey); "To the kibbutz members and residents" (Baruch Cohen); "A blessing from the wellfare dpt." (Nurit Oren); "A story for Rosh Hashana" (Dudu Palma); "Perurim" (Ari Shtiener); "Tom, for his Bar-Mitzva" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Synagogue" (Tirtza Collette); "Response to Shoshana's letter concerning the Synagogue" (Daria Tal-Bilgory); "The real story without speculations" (Shoshana Sharkey)
#2015 15/09
"Perurim" (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "A few more Perurim" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Letter to the editor" (Natan Barak); "This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoyce in it" (Shabi Mizrachi);
#2014 08/09
"From the editor" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Garin Tzabar invites, Friday at the pub"; "On the new synagogue" (Shabi Mizrachi); "What is a synagogue?" (Shoshana Sharkey);
#2013 01/09
"Perurim" (Itzik Ben-Dor); "To our people (Shabi Mizrachi); "Enough!" (Max Mader); "Cable system" (Harold Wallach); "Enough! once more" (Shoshana Sharkey); "The way, the Truth and the Life?" (David Ellman); "Teachers, Messaiahs, Idols and other things" (Oded Peled); "S Izhar has left us" (Dudu Palma); "Question about advertizing in Divrei" (Itzik Ben Dor) (Shoshana's answer to Itzik); "Garin Tzabar" (Rafi Franks); "A synagogue in the village" (Shabi Mizrachi); "Atonements" (Shoshana Sharkey);
#2012 25/08
"Editors corner" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Hosting the Habonim workers in our B&B" (Zami Ben-Tzvi); "The way, The truth and life" (Dudu Palma); "Little fixes and a fixing experience" Gila Amit); "Miluim diary #4" (Boaz Ney);
#2011 18/08
"Coming back home" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Hebrew mother" (Gila Amit); "Chaverim, Shalom" (Shabi Mizrachi); "Oops! we won" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Little green corner" (Itzik Bendor); "A summer story" (Dudu Palma); "The faces of war" (Rachel Jackson); "Miluim Dairy #2" (Boaz Ney)
#2010 11/08
"From the MIFGASH" (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "Request" (David ellman); "Diary from MILUIM" (Boza Ney); "Garin Tzabar" (Rafi Frank); "Letter from Judy Barak" (Judy)
#2009 04/08
"Perurim" (Itzik Ben-dor); "Nothing new under the sun" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "True or false" (Harvey Jackson); "Home" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Prayer for the IDF"
#2008 28/07
"Good bye Dad" (Yoram Ben-Chaim); "Grandpa" (Orli Goldberg); "Dearest Moshe" (Janice Ben-Chaim); "Moshe - R.I.P." (Shabi Mizrachi); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Rabbi's corner" (Elisha Wolfin); "Home" (Dudu Palma); "My home, my shelter" (Shosh Solomon); "Little green corner" (Itzik Ben dor); "Garin Tzabar" (Rafi Frank); "Citizen speaking" (Rachel Jackson); "Response to Rachel Jackson" (Baruch Cohen);
#2007 21/07
"Bob is no more" (Yael Neminov); "To Bob" (Leah Katz); "Bob" (Rachel Avidor); "In memory of Bob Hart" (Oded Peled); "Bob Hart" (David Collette); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Stray cats" Melvin Simmons and Dani Lopov); "Badminton" (Zohar Devolt); "Echonology #22" (Jaque Golan);
#2006 14/07
"Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "On the Bar-Mitzva" (Ayelet Marom); "Q&A" (Micky Koren and Baruch Cohen); "Kfar Hanassi's aniversary" (Tamar Wolfin); "My secret" (Yael Neminov); "Stone age" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Echonolgy #21" (Jaque Golan); "The importance of registering to the Labour party" (Aryeh Wolfin)
#2005 07/07
"Bar-Mitzva for AYALA group"; "Perurim" (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "Carousel" (Dudu Palma); "Echonology" (Jaque Golan); "Looking after the kibbutz" (anonymous group); "A goodby letter from our social worker, Rakefet); "What is growing up? Beginings" (Hope Yentis); "Garin Tzabar" (Rafi Frank);
#2004 30/06
"Perurim from the secure department" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "News flash: Eitan recovering in Zfat, Ayala group to their Bar-Mitzva, Lee and Lorena married, Dina Kotler Married"; "Who stole the plants?" (Miriam Cohen); "More on the security Jeep" (Itzik); "The world cup from a supporters point of view" (Nurit Oren); "Women in soccer" (Mina Sela); "Echonology news #20" (Jaque Golan)
special edition

"House of my dreams" (Naomi Shemer); "Home" (Avital Ney Noyman); "The community home" (Miriam Cohen and Simcha Arnold); "You are not buying a house - but a home" (Collin Primost); "Things about Home by Herman Hesse" (Dudu Palma); "Home is a beating heart" (Dina Kotler); "Bet Yonatan" (Shoshana Sharkey); "A house is not a home, the family in Bet Yonatan" (Lenny Rose); "The house on the hillside" (Oded Peled); "Home" (Shlomit Eder/Lifshitz); "two short stories about home" (Sami Ochaion); "What is home?" (From the mouth of babes); "Lots of houses in the world but nothing like a house that is home" (Chagit Burshtien); "Just don't put me in a home" (Tommy Amit); "House/Home" (Shabi Mizrachi)
#2003 23/06
"Perurim" (Itzik Bendor); "Neil" (Belinda Ben-Atar); "A story" (Udi Agam); "Good fences make good neighbors" (Dudu Palma); "Response to David's article" (Shabi Mizrachi); "Echonology #19" (Jaque Golan); "The case of the grounded Jeep" (Shabi Mizrachi);
#2002 16/06
"Perurim" (Michal Gluck); "Response to Oded's letter" (David Ellman); "News from the Markolit" (Erwin Cantor); "Garin Tzabar" (Rafi Frank); "Statistical supplement to Divrei2000" (Itzchak Eder); "Bet Blond Issues" (Shabi Mizrachi); "Beloved family of Bet Yonatan" (Allan Hokinson); "In memory of Rut Ney" (Lenny Rose); "Read by Rut's grave" (Rachel Avidor); "In Rut's memory" (Shabi MIzrachi); "Echonology #18" (Jaque Golan); "Little green corner" (Itzik Bendor); "39 years to the Six-Day-War" (Shoshana Sharkey);
#2001 09/06
"mama" (Elinoa Bar-David); "Mercifull God" (Avital [Ney]); "My little sister" (Rut Ney's sister); "In sorrow we announce..." (david ellman; "Departed from us" (Carmela Chalfi); "Rut Ney R.I.P." (Tamar Wolfin, Avital Noyman Ney); "From the editor" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Yafa Wiess [Pnina Golan's mother]" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim 6/6/6" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Shavuot 2006 festival" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Question and answer about the Bitachon vhicle" (Shabi Mizrachi and Natan Barak); "Art festival" (Reggie Pearlson); "Love your nieghbor...." (Oded Peled); "in the footsteps of time" (Dudu Palma); "Econology news #17" (Jaque Golan); "Letter from kinneret - photo gallery" (David ellman); "an amazing speeding ticket" (Dorit Basso);
Last minute
"Blessings from the the Big-'Bad'-Boss-Baruch of our Kehila" (Baruch Cohen); "Divrei's festival" (Henry and Shiela Ben-Yehuda); "2000 to Divrei" (Rachel Avidor)
Pages 26-28
"Garin Tzabar: in ned of adopting families" (Rafi Frank); "Something about Itzchak Ben Aharon" (Dudu Palma); "List of contributors to Divrei 2000"
Pages 22-25
"Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "More Perurim" (Shabi Mizrachi); "Swimming pool issues" (Evelyn Wallach); "Garin Tzabar: in need of group leaders" (Rafi Frank)
Pages 18-21
"Those were the days" (Yael Neminoff); "A letter from the Epstiens in US" (Gershie Shosh Shmulik Chris Natan Lena Yossi Sylvia Aviva and Liat); "Every one qand his Divrei" (Miriam Cohen); "Congradulations and blessings to Divrei 2000" (Shuli Atia / Devons); "Shavuot: harvest in another place and another time" (Tommy Amit); "Birthdays and aniversaries"
Pages 11-17
"Issue 2000 of Divrei, a look back" - (Tamar Wolfin); "A milenium festival for Divrei" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "Communal living(?), LINA MESHUTEFET" (Dudu Palma); "The establishing Fathers" (Shlomit Lifshitz)
Pages 9-10
"Divrei from a digital point of view" - (David Ellman); From the Librarians" - (Reuven gutter and Meir Raines)
Page 8
"To Divrei, 2000th issue" - (Jaque Golan)
Pages 6-7
"Divrei of 2000 issues" - (Nurit Oren); "To Divrei, 2000 issues old" - (Ilse Ben-Chanoch)
Pages 4-5
"Towards the 3rd milenium" - (Itzchak Eder)
Page 3
"A word from the editor" (Shoshana Sharky)
Page 2
"An invitation to the SHAVUOT festival in the amphitheatre" (Gadi Amit, Tamir Shprung, Amira Englesberg and Avital Shuval)
Page 1
Opening page: "Words that love me" (Oded Peled - long time resident)
#2000 02/06
This is the full issue which is over 4 mb in size. to download divrei by page numbers, see above
#1999 26/05
Various stuff about Jerusalem - Jerusalem day just passed us; "Invitation to Shavuot festival"; "perurim" (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "30 days to Mazali's departure" (Dalia Vagner); "More about the gate" (Yael Neminov); Garin 'Tzabar' - Kfar Hanassi 2006" (Rafi Frank); "A house in Kfar-hanassi" (Erez Meyrav, resident); "Econolgy #16" (Jaque Golan); "A few more tit bits" (Shabi Mizrachi); "Question about the new security Jeep" (Shabi Mizrachi); "regarding the 2000th isuue of Divrei" (Shoshana Sharkey)
#1998 19/05
"Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Gardening in the cemetary" (Hadassa Ben-Natan); "Econology" (Jaque Golan); "The vatikim against the british mandate" (An evening by Giora Goddman and Tamir Shprung);
#1997 12/05
"Laura Yentis - R.I.P." (Lenny Edan [Rose]); "Perurim" (Itzik Ben-Dor); "Blessings with all our heart" (Richard Easton); "More on the electriciy bills issue" (Dorit Basso, Irit Gershman, Jayson Pearlson); "Econology #14" (Jaque Golan); "A little green corner" (Itzik Ben-Dor); "The continuing shooting parties in Tuba" (Dalia Vagner)
#1996 05/05
"Farewell to Laura Yentis" (Shoshana Sharkey); Explaining the Israeli flag; "Perurim" (Michal Gluck); "The open space - and what next?" (Hadassa, Baruch, Tamar, Maayan, Nurit); "The kibbutz gate" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Econology number 13" (Jaque Golan); "Buy less - live more" (Elinoa Bar-=David); "The meaning of the Star-of-David symbol";
#1995 28/04
"IZKOR" (Dudu Palma); "I am a Jew" (Shmuel Avidor Hacohen); "Pages from Chaimke's diary" (Shoshana Sharkey); "An answer about electicity bills" (Jason Pearlson); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Econology #12" (Jaque Golan); "60 years ago, this week"
#1994 21/04
"Getting to issue 2000" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Question about electricity billing" (Dorit Basso); "Thank you , for pessach" (Miriam Cohen); "Garin Tzabar" (Rafi Frank); "New driving rules" (From the Kehila); "Econology #11" (Jaque Golan); "Festival Pishpeshanti" (Reggie and Korin)
#none 15/04
Pessach holiday - that's life!
#1993 07/04
"Perurim" (Itzik Bendor); "From the education department" (Ayelet Marom); "Questions and Answers" (Ronen and Bat-Sheva Marcusson); "Econolgy" (Tommy Amit); "Econology number 10" (Jaque Golan); "Memorial site" (David Ellman); Election results in Kfar-Hanassi" (Itzhak Eder); "Invitation to the opening of the new building site"
#1992 31/03
"Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Open letter to Tony Natan and Baruch" (Shulamit Frank Batsheva Marcuson); "Answer to previous letter" (Baruch Cohen); "Econology #9" (Jaque Golan); "A little green corner" (Itzik Bendor); "Summer clock in Israel" (Shulamit Frank and Google)
#1991 24/03
"Perurim" (Ilza ben-chanoch); "Mazal Tov! Gusti is 80 (Yael Neminov); "Econology" (Jaque Golan); "The hilly Jordan" (Udi Agam); "Sparta and Athens" (Dudu Palma); "Letter from 'Kinneret' explaining Spam mail"; "Question to Baruch and Collin about Haimke's old house" (Evelyn Wallach)
#1990 17/03
"Perurim" (Itzik Ben-dor); Letter about his film - Ido Sela; "Econolgy #8" (Jaque Golan); Rosh-Pina filghts time table;
#1989 10/03
"Perurim" (Michal Gluck); "Round numbered birthdays" (Rachel Avidor); "Econology" (Jaque Golan);
#1988 03/03
"Perurim" (Dorit Basso); "International woman's day" and "Family day"; "Echonology #6" (Jaque Golan); "The cemetary" (Len Weintraub); Info about the clinic, rain on the kibbutz (Len WEintraub); "Netta's presents list" (Helen Levine); Advertizing for Purim
#1987 24/02
"Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Questions and Answeres on kibbutz life" (Baruch Cohen); "Bet Blond vs Bed & Breakfast" (Shabi Mizrachi); Bed&Breakfast at Kfar Hanassi" (Shoshana Sharkey); "A message to voters" (Yitzchak Eder); "Chana Maser, a portrait of a volunteer" (Dorit Basso & Shoshana Sharkey); "Ekonology" (Jaque Golan); "A new creative writing group in English" - "50+ club meetying" (Reggie Pearlson);
#1986 17/02
"Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "I have a dream" (Yael Neminof); "Econology news" (Jaque Golan); "A response to the response" (Shabi Mizrachi); "Little green corner" (Itzik Ben-Dor); "An Indian Tale" (Irit Gershman); "The English corner" (unknown)
#1985 10/02
#1985a 10/02
"Perurim" (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "Thank you" (Johny Frank); "Question to the management" (Dani Lopov); "Econology #3" (Jaque Golan); "One truth, not two" (Dudu Palma); "Library budget" (Meir Reins); The extra magazine is for a late addition due to Tu-Bishvat
#1984 3/02 "Chava Noimark - Frank" (Johnny Frank);"Grandma Chava - Queen of the stars" (Rafi Frank); "The man that rode too much" (Shabi Mizrachi);"Perurim and Little green corner" (Itzik Bendor); "Dear ITzchak Eder" (Hadassah Ben Natan); "A wonderful place" (Ehud Ellman); "an article on justice" (Sarah Devolt); "Econology" (Jaque Golan);
#1983 27/01 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz);"Meetings in 'Ha-mifgash'" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Telephone bills - 2006" (David Ellman); "Instructions for living" (The DElhi Lama); "Yeal and Helen - trips for Vatikim"; "Econology new" (Jaque Golan); "thanks from the CHAGIM comittee";
#1982 20/01 "Perurim" (Shabi Mizrachi);"On Henry's 80th birthday" (Reggie Pearlson); "Tree or trees, Leila's art exhibition" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Econology" (Jaque Golan); "The Indians and winter" (Shoshana Sharkey);
#1981 13/01 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Ask and you shall be answered" (Tommy Amit); "To the kibbutz members and residents" (Sivan Cohen); Interview with Rajan" (Shoshana Sharkey); "To our dad" (Tzila Noah and Oded Avidor); "The year of the deer, 'Ayala' group and Bar Mitzva" (Avi Rozenkrantz); A poem by Dudu Palma
#1980 06/01 "Yu P How's it?" (Harold Wallach); "Yupi's hug" (Rafi Frank); "Another trip on a bus" (Simcha Arnold); "Bet Yonatan" (Lenny Rose); "Viruses and E-mail" (David Ellman); "Residents in Kfar-Hanassi" (Shoshana Sharkey)

Created by David Ellman