"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 2007

Year 2007
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 54
Number of issues since 19/11/1999 (Begining of digitized Divrei):- 416
#2082 28/12 "Perurim or no perurim, that is the question" (Shoshana Sharkey); "On books and thoughts" (Erez Merav); "A new year in Bet-Blond" (Shabi Mizrachi); "Little green corner" (Itzik Bendor);
#2081 21/12 Jack Ben-Natan has left us - may he R.I.P.; "Dad" (Hadassa Ben-Natan); "On riches and 'riches'" (Adam Ben-Chanoch); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "About Perurim" (Ari SHtiner); "Bet-Blond and our community" (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "Answering Machine problem" (David Ellman); "A few tips on transportation" (Naama Devolt);
#2080 14/12 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Chanuka Party" (Joyce Abbe); Albums in the Archieves (Itzhak Eder); "News from Bet Blond" (Shabi Mizrachi);
#2079 7/12 "Closing circles" (Yael Neminov); "More on saving the planet" (Naama Devolt);
#2078 30/11 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Hebrew translation of 'I did it my way'" (Dudu Palma); "A letter from Marion"; "Letter from the US" (Sara Devolt); "Global warming" (Jaque Golan); "Enviourment preservation" (Naama Devolt); "Internet and weather don't go together" (David Ellman);
#2077 23/11 "Birthday To Digi-Divrei" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Ammunition dump by kids house" (Yehudit Whitham); "Books and thoughts from the slums" (Erez Merav [resident]); "Assasination of Rabin and Gedaliahu" (Dudu Palma); "Littl green corner" (Itzik Bendor); "Local Politics articles" (Aryeh Wolfin; Rafi Frank);
#2076 16/11 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Digi Divrei's 8th birthday" (David Ellman); "Local Elections" (Dudu Palma, Yossi Katz, Dudi Fuchs, Giora Goodman); Parents page first sending
#2075 9/11 "About grandma Marion" (Michal Dadosh); "In Marion's memory" (Lenny Rose); "News from the Cffee-pub" (Dudik Fuchs); "About our loval elections" (Rafi Frank); "Between Education, development and locam ellections" (Eitan Gedalizon);
#2074 2/11 "Saying goodbye to Marion Gershman" (Gila Doari, Timna Shoer, Ruti Amit, Tamat Wolfin); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Goodbye and farewell" (Sara Devolt); "Dad, why did you kill Rabin?" (Dudu Palma); "Good neighbors with Tubah"
#2073 26/10 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "About another of Ido's films" (Dudu Palma);
#2072 19/10 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Thank you" (Shosh Epstein); "More on Ido's film" (Dudu Palma); "Expanding the village" (Roy Bouskila); "More about cars" (Bat-Sheva Marcusson); "Bear hugs" (Oded Peled); "Succot in the 'MIFGASH'" (unknown); "More on Succot" (Dorit Rozenkrantz, Terri Lapping)
#2071 12/10 "Perurim" (Itzik Bendor); "Thank you for the swimming pool" (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "Response to Jayson's pension and safety network article" (Baruch Cohen); "I never left" (David Colette); "A response from Garin Tzabar" (Ben Prachia); "Local Area Politics" (Collin Primost);
#2070 05/10 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "On Ido Sela's film" (David Ellman); "Explaining the Mansura people's list" (Itzchak Eder); "On the vihcles issue" (Dorit Rozenkrantz);
#2069 28/09 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Global warming tips" (Naama Devolt); "Pensions and security" (Jayson Pearlson); "Local politics" (Harvey Jackson); "Blessings for the new year" (Tzila Ben-Reshef); "The new building site" (Colin Primost); More on the Synagogue" (Allan Easton)
#2068 21/09 "From the editor" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz): "A poem" (Dudu Palma); "Saving Earth" (Naama Devolt); "Garin Tzabar, where are they?" (Ari Shtiner); "Yom Kippur meeting" (Shabi MIzrachi); "Succot activities" (Dorit Rozenkrantz & Teri Lapping); "About local politics" (Rafi FRank);
#2067 14/09 "Perurim" (Itzik Bendor); "Gali Franklin the Wembly announcer!" (from the local news); "Yes to Valensi, and why" (Dudik Fux); "Interview with Valensi" (Tamar Wolfin)
#2066 07/09 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "At Adaia and Lorence's wedding" (Merom age group); "Hello from Jimbo Whitham"; "Pensions and Security network" (Jayson Pearlson); "About Bet-Blond" (Shabi and Tziona Mizrachi); "I'm for changes....but....." (Tamar Wolfin);
#2065 30/08

"Perurim" (Itzik Bendor); "Pension funds, securtiy blanket and what's between them" (Jayson Pearlson); "Heard, was impressed and persuaded" (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "Echology news" (Jaque and Rami Golan); "Explanation" (Yael Neminoff); "What have you done for the country???" (Avi Rozenkrantz);

"Internet and phone prices reductions. Internet meeting" (David Ellman)
#2064 24/08 "From the editorial - on censurship" (Shoshana Sharkey); "BLessings for Ofer and Sabrina's wedding" (Sinai age group); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Our children in summer 2007" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Response to who stole Divrei" (David Ellman); "Watch out for your criticism" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "A Zen story" (Shoshana Sharkey)
#2063 17/08 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "more Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Response to last weeks Censurship article" (Yael Shprung); "A letter to Avi" (Tommy Amit); "Who stole Divrei?" (Roy Bouskila); "Poison glands, unite!" (Micky Noy); Article by Udi Agam; "A few questions" (David Ellman); "Recirculating. Yes or no?" (Allan Easton); "Echology" (Jaque & Rami Golan);
#2062 10/08 "Yeal Neminof bike riding at 82" ("Hakibutz magazine); "Uncalled guest, Kalman Lachovitz" (Dudu Palma); "Censoreship is back" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "about censoreship" (Shashana Sharkey - Editor); "2007 wakeup call" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Democracy - we must NOT be UNinvolved" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Echology" (Jaque and Rami Golan); "Little green corner" (Itzik Bendor); "Saving electricity" (Boaz Ney);
#2061 03/08 "Perurim" (Itzik Bendor); "A question" (Raymon, Shosh Solomon); "No free lunches" (Dudu Palma); "The 'greenies' on the kibbutz" Naama Davolt); "Lost cats" (Melvin Simmons); "Ecology" (Jaque Golan); "Miluim, the next generation" (Neria Agam);
#2060 27/07 "9th of Av" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Renovating the MOadon, or, Why waste good mony?" (Irit Gershman); "More on the pool" (Yael Neminov); "Waves and more waves" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "A star is born" (Shabi Mizrachi); "Miluim, the next generation" (Neria Agam);
#2059 20/07 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "More on the swimming-pool" (Tommy Amit, Gabi Tene, Tzvia Katz, Uri Shuval and Shoshana Sharkey); "Communications breakdown" (David Ellman); "About gas deliveries" (Alec Collins); "New at HAMIFGASH" (Shulamit Frank); News from the Coffee-Pub (Racheli and Dudik Fuchs, Evelyn Wallach); "Reserve duty, the next generation" (Neria Agam); "Shimon and me" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "An inconvenient truth" (Dudu Palma);
#2058 13/07 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "An answer to the no-answer about the pool" (Uri Shuval); "A new way of paying for the pool" (Collin Primost); "A thank you note" (The Epsteins); The Tavor age group to Mitzvot: Dan Harmatz, Yahel Gershman, Golan Rozenkrantz, Lapit Ben-David, Maya Tene, Amit Dadosh, Hadas Weisbeker, Sahar Koren, Yochai Jackson, Gili Shprung, Maor Reuvenov, Sagiv Shtiner, Gili Carmi. "Reserve Duty" (Boaz Ney); The village fool from Monteniola" (Oded Peled)
#2057 06/07 "59 years to Kfar-Hanassi" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Parents blessing to Bar-Mitzva kids" (Ari Shtiner); "Perurim" (Itzik Bendor); "Questions about the swimming pool" (Uri Shuval and Shoshana Sharkey); "One God" (Dudu Palma); "Hot summer thoughts" (Yael Neminov); "Returned home" (Gila Amit-Doari); "The tools that God gave us" (who?)
#2056 29/06 "59 to Mansura" (Jaque Golan); "Nearly 60 to KH Anniversary" (Nurit Oren); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Ekology on Kfar-Hanassi" (Naama Korenberg - Devolt); "Drugs, Community and everything in between" (Hillel Yudeikin); "Love your dog as yourself?" (David Ellman); "Bet Blond" (Shabi Mizrachi)
#2055 22/06 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Planning comittee (Oy Vey!)", (Alec Collins); "Question: about work in Habonim" (Dani Lopov); "History of the basket-ball pitch" (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "Diary of a Miluimnik" (Boaz Ney); "Cats" (Yael Neminof); "Cooperation with Tuba, 60th aniversary" (Rafi Frank); "Suggestions for mutual living" (Shoshana Sharkey)
#2054 15/06 "New in the Phonary" (David Ellman); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Question abour salaries" (Tommy Amit); "Answer to Tommy" (Baruch Cohen); "Diary 5+6 from Miluim" (Boaz Ney); "Garin Tzabar" (Rafi Frank); "LOve your dog/cat as yourself" (Oded Peled);"Sexual harrassment - before lectture at KH" (External); "God's cup of coffee" (Shashana Sharkey)
#2053 08/06 "Perurim" (Itzik Bendor); "A farewell letter (Dr. Israel Amirav); "For Ofer Frank" (Dudu Palma); "Diary of a reservist" (Boaz Ney); "Viruses on the network" (David Ellman); "Security issues" (Natan Barak);
#2053 01/06
(wrong number)
"Time" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Yehuda Eder's First CD" (The editor); "Terminal - Not Final" (Unonimous); "Little Green Corner" (Itzik Ben-dor); "From the Library"; "My attachment" (David Ellman)
#2051 25/05 "40 years of united Jerusalem" (Dudu Palma); "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Letter from the Pearlsons" (Reggie Pearlson); "A questioner for SHAVUOT" (Answers vanished); "Ani Ant warfare" (David Ellman); "Welcome to the swim season at the pool" (Evelyn Wallach); "Dogs on the kibbutz" (Dani Lopov); "Just using up blank space" (David Ellman)
#2050 18/05 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Opening the upgraded basketball pitch" (Nira Koren); "Making compost out of organic garbage" (Simcha Arnold); "Exercizes for coputer junkies" (Article wrote itself?!)
#2049 11/05 "Celebrating Jerusalem Day" (Shoshana Sharkey); "40 years to the 6-day-war" (Dalia Wagner); "6 day war" (Miriam Cohen); (Article by Avi Rozenkrantz); "perurim" (Itzik Bendor); "Communications" (David Ellman); "Thanks Nira! for a new basketball pitch" (Dudik Fuchs); "Bet Blond" (Shabi Mizrachi); "17 of March ?!" (Rachel Avidor)
#2048 04/05 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner);"A singalong evening in Bet Alfa" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Thank you for Yom Haatzmaut" (Tzila Ben-Reshef and Udi Vagner); "A bonfire story" (Shoshana Sharkey)
#2047 27/04 "In memory of Arnon Shwartzman" (Carmit Shwartzman); "In memory of Neil Ben-Atar" (Pear-Ben Atar); "In memory of Moran Amit" (Marion Gershman); "Two songs" (Dudu Palma); "Time is like a big wheel" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "How do we celebrate in Kfar Hanassi?" (Tamar Wolfin)
#2046 19/04 "Opening page - Holocuast" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "On the Holocuast" (Rut Golan, Jaque Golan, Betty Eder, Willy Pinkus, Dudik Fuchs, Dalia Wagner, Tzila Ben-Reshef, Asher Reuvenov, Adi Shprung, Ido Gershman); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Reply to question about dogs" (Nurit Oren); "Yizkor - last generation" (ILana Frank); "Article?" (Dudu Palma); "On hip fractures" (The clinic?); "How to get rid of flies and mosquitoes" (Simcha Arnold);
#2045 13/04 "The Mimuna" (Shoshana Sharkey); "A letter to Kfar Hanassi" (Berti Fletcci - Garin Tzabar Father); "Perurim" (Itzik Ben-Dor); "A thank you note for Pessach" (Miriam Cohen); "A letter to ministry of agriculture" (Tommy Amit); "Story of a wallet" (Len Weintraub);
#2044 06/04 "Perurim" (Dorit Basso); "Farewell to Rita and Ilan" (Tlaton?); "Thanks you" (Dani Namali); "Question about dogs" (Harold Wallach); "More perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2043 30/03 "Perurim" (Ari Shteiner); "Chain letters and Garbage mail" (David Ellman); "The 4 Pessach sons" (Dudu Palma); "Parents are not a piece of paper you throw away" (Dorit Basso);
#2042 23/03 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz)); "Two choices" (from the internet)
#2041 16/03 "Perurim" (Itzik Bendor)); Suggestions for the old dinning room (ILse Ben-Chanoch);
#2040 09/03 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Good people" (Shabi Mizrachi); "The 60th aniversari of Kfar-Hanassi (Tamar Wolfin and Maayan Palma); "The Zig-Box" (Yael Nemoniv); "Garin Tzabar" (Rafi Frank); "Sad days" (Harvey Jackson);
#2039 02/03 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Mud, mud and more mud" (Allan Easton); "All about head-stones" (Hadassa Ben-Natan); "Garin Tzabar" (Rafi Frank);
#2038 23/02 "from the editor (Taking a break)" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "End of the road?" (David Ellman); "Purim is arriving" (?); "Thanks from Natan and Ronit";
#2037 16/02 "By the open grave" (Vanessa Wiesbort); "My dear grandma" (Efrat ellman); "Grandma" (The grandchildren); "Perurim" (Itzik Bendor); "Merciful God" (Dudu Palma);
#2036 09/02 Netta Ellman passed away this week; "About Netta" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Itzchak Eder 85!" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Man, as the tree of the field?" (David Ellman); "What's happened to us?" (Ilse Ben-Chanoch"; "Harry and Brenda" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Internet and Viruses" (David Ellman); "Pessach and Bet-Blond" (Shabi and Tziona MIzrachi).
#2035 02/02 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Article" by Dudu Palma; "Article" by David Collette; "Wireless Internet and WEP" (David Ellman); Generally speaking, it's TU-BISHVAT this week.
#2034 26/01 "Perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Two types of trees" (Rafi Frank); "Matters of communication" (David Ellman); "A letter of praise" (Gadi Amit); "Synagogue in the village" (Shabi Mizrachi); "A list of points for bad driving"
#2033 19/01 "Perurim" (Itzik Bendor); "Thank you" (Yonit, Avri and their families); "Wow! - response to Dudik's letter" (Tommy Amit); "The Synagogue Issue" (Dalia Wagner); "An Alegory" (David Collette); "The old dinning room clock" (Itzhak Eder); "Thank you" (Lenny Rose); "Annual Habonim meeting" (Alec collins & Aryeh Wolfin); "Bird counting in 2007" (Shlomit Lifshitz);
#2032 12/01 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Answer to Tommy" (Dudik Fuchs); "House of prayer (Oded Peled [resident]); "A synagogue in the village" (Shabi Mizrachi); "A letter to Geshon Shaked's family" (Tamar Wolfin); "Garin Tzabar" (Rafi Frank);
#2031 05/01 "Happy new year?" (Dudu Palma); "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Synagogue in Kfar Hanassi" (Tirtza Collette); "Synagogue issues" (Rui Amit); "Social gaps" (Tommy Amit); "Year 2007" (Shoshana Sharkey)

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