"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 2009

Year 2009
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 51
Number of issues since 19/11/1999 (Begining of digitized Divrei):- 519
#2184 25/12 "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "From a far away land" - (Batya & Bruce Whitham); "Kibbubtz Archives and the Internet" - (David Ellman); "One way roads in the kibbutz" - (Marky Marcusson); "One way roads in the kibbutz" - (Dorit Basso); "The Waldorf system - so what else is new?" - (Yael Neminov); "Communication department news" - (David Ellman); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "A valuable lesson" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "On the miracles of Chanuka" - (Shoshana Sharkey)
No Divrei 18/12 Just keeping the cobwebs away - some pictures of the six-day-war at Kfar Hanassi
#2183 11/12 "Chanuka:Torch race" - (Amit Chait & Shaked Frank); "Perurim for Chanuka" - (Shar Kasdan); "Meshek Yeladim invites" - (Micky Koren & Reggie Pearlson); "How did Meshek Yeladim start?" - (Johnny Frank); "The South China sea" - (Sara Davolt); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Meetings in good spirit" - (Tamar Wolfin & Israel Shaked); "More on the road issue" - (Allan Easton); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "How does the Walldorf education system work?" - (Tamar Maayan)
#2182 04/12 "From the editor" - (Shashana Sharkey); "Perurim for the closing of the year" - (Ari Shtiner); "Comment, anyone?" - (Group of members); "Response to previous" - (Baruch Cohen); "More from China" - (Sara Davolt); "Response of the Ostrich" - (David Collette); "Update on chess tournament" - (Zohar Davolt & Erez Merav); "More on Meshek Yeladim" - (Micky Koren & Reggie Pearlson); "Life threatning situation at Kfar-Hanassi" - (Ilana Frank); "More on internal roads and pedestrians" - (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "A book I read" - (Julia Nitzan); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "In response to..." - (Shabi Mizrachi)
#2181 27/11 "Front page - Good morning to the ripe in age" - (Adam & Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "Perurim" - (Rozenkrantz family); "One way roads" - (Marky Marcuson); "Unexpected but very nice visitors" - (Mordechai Brower); "In the land of the ostrich" - (Uri Ganani); "As long as we're healthy" - (Dalia Bouskila); "Our life by our pets" - (Ruti Amit); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2180 20/11 "From the editorial" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Ten years to 'Digi Divrei'" - (David Ellman); "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Thursday in Dado hall" - (Rene Cohen); "Road plans for the kibbutz" - (Alec Collins); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor)
#2179 13/11 "Perurim" - (Shar Kasdan); "Words of gratitude" - (Dina & Gideon Levi); "One way streets" - (Planning committee); "Interactions with pets" - (Ruti Amit); "Weekly portion" - (Shaked Barak); "Story of a road accident" - (Uri Ganani); "New fines" - (Elinoa Bar-David)
#2178 06/11 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "A Shabat Story" - (Yaron Zeevi); "On Chinese parties" - (Sara Davolt); "Natural medicine, fruit and nuts" - (Rafi Frank); "Yom Kippur syndrome in the media" - (Uri Ganani); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2177 30/10 "Perurim" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "How was the kibbutz digital album started" - (Yitzhak Eder); "The weeks portion: Noah" - (Shaked Barak); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "But what's with the cakes?" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Subject: A road accident" - (Elad Sharkey); "The Library" - (Ruti Amit)
#2176 23/10 "Blanche Levi - RIP"; "A letter" - (Dudu Palma); "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Meshek Yeladim - opening" - (Mickey Koren); "Some remarks on Chinese traditions" - (Sara Davolt); "Local stories: how did the kibbutz album start?" - (Yitzhak Eder); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2175 16/10 "From the editor" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" - (Shar Kasdan); "Thank you thank you thank you" (Reggie Pearlson & Korin Shprung); "Pishpeshanti festival" - (Yaron Zeevi); "One visit, three attacks" - (Collin Primost); "Meeting with the MECHINA"; "Reopening MESHEK YELADIM" - (Micky Koren); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "A miracle" - (Tzipora Samberg); "A brave journalist" - (Pnina Golan)
#2174 09/10 "Succot, the water festival" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Celebrating Succot" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Wanted to say 'Thanks'" - (HARCHAVA residents); "Reading corner" - (Yael Shprung); "Shalom Chaverim" - (Sara Davolt); "Letter from Siberia" - (Elisha Wolfin); "Self work" - (Dudu Palma); "Thoughts about the junk at ATAR TEENIM" - (Allan Easton)
#2173 02/10 "Tradition and holiness of a festival" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" - (Rozenkrantz family); "Mother Irit" - (Yoram Ben Chaim); "Jack Golan RIP" - (The family); "Dad" - (Uri, Nurit, Rami Golan); "Grandpa" - Einav Golan); "Thoughts between seasons" - (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "A disappearing generation" - (Dudu Palma); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor)
#2172 25/09 "Grandma - Irit Ben-Chaim" - (her grandchildren); "Irit" - (Rachel Avidor); "They were together" - (To Jack Golan by Rachel Avidor); "Jack" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Jeff Jackson" - (Arieh Wolfin); "Self reflections" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "What is art?" - (Dudu Palma); "Prayer for the new year" - (Gila Amit); "Statistics must be correct too" - (Yaron Zeevi); "strained and rhymed" - (Tzila Ben Reshef")
#2171 18/09 "A blessing for the new year" - (Nurit Oren); "Perurim" - (Shar Kasdan); "Shana Tova" - (Dudu Palma); "Shana Tova Kfar Hanassi" - (Summary of a year by the Bianco family); "The HARCHAVA, statistics for the new year" - (Collin Primost); "Thank you" - (Netta, Mika, Tom & Aviva); "Traffic in the kibbutz" - (Batsheva Marcusson); "Guess what? - Dogs!" - (Hadassa Ben-Natan); "Life is measured by actions" - (Ilana Frank)
#2170 11/09 "From the editorial" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); ""Today and tomorrow" - (Tommy Amit); "Shana Tova from the HARCHAVA" - (Yaron Zeevi); "Water in abundance" - (Simcha Arnold); "How do you say 'Swine Flu' in Chinese?" - (Yochai Wolfin); "Reading corner" - (Tzipora Samberg)
#2169 04/09 "From the editorial" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Suggestion for a new column in Divrei" - (Yael Shprung); "Perurim" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Summary of the Divrei meeting" - (Nurit Oren); "Who's afraid of Divrei?" - (David Ellman); "Hello Chaverim" - (Ruti Amit); "New from the MECHINA" - (Raz Maayan); "Water consumption" - (Mina Sela); "End of the Bar-mitzva year" - (Sol, Tuval, Dina, Ziv); "Reading corner" - (Dudu Palma); "Response to Melvin" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "Meir Ariel in Ortal" - (Dudu Palma); "Internet warning" - (David Ellman); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor)
#2168 28/08 "Ma nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "News from the younger ages" - (Netta & Mica); "Water" - (Allan Easton); "Dear Shabi & Tziona" - (Melvin Simmonds); "The HARCHAVA, a low view" - (Collin Primost); "Kabalat Shabat" - (Nira Koren); "Cancer dangers" - (Udi Agam); "Songs are friends" - (Tzipora Samberg)
#2167 21/08 "From the editorial" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Divrei, where to?" (before the Divrei meeting); "Perurim from August" - (Shar Kasdan); "A bit of how and a lot of What" - (Shlomi Cohen Naeh); "Response remark" - (Collin); "Experiences" - (Shoshana Sharkey);
#2166 14/08 "Perurim, in spite of everything" - (Ari Shtiner); "The winds of change" - (Yaron Zeevi); "A Talmud teaching" - (Dudu Palma)
#2165 07/08 "Anniversary to Digi Divrei" - (David Ellman); "Blessings" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Pictures from the archives" - (David Ellman); "A sea of perurim" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Response to Dorit Rozenkrantz" - (Nurit Oren & Baruch Cohen); "Not obvious the laundry is working" - (Elinoa Bar-David)
#2164 31/07 "From the editorial, Tisha B'av" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); (Responding to Dudu" - (Tamir Shprung); "Fitness group" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Root treatment" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); " 'BIMKOM' " - (Yael Neminov); "Little green corner" (Itzik Bendor);
#2163 24/07 "Warm perurim of July" - (Shar Kasdan); "Toshavim meeting - question to Baruch Cohen" - (Yaron Zeevi); "From the new building area" - (Harchava residents); "Baruch's response to Yaron"; "Thank you for being with us" - (Rafi Frank); "What's new in our campus" - (Maayan Palma); "Cloud with silver lining" - (Dudu Palma); "Humus and Techina, all the good reasons for it" - (Rafi Frank)
#2162 17/07 "A storm of perurim in mid summer" - (Ari Shtiner); "Henry and me - article by Phil Glick at Henry's memorial evening"; " Question to the managing director" - (Yaron Zeevi); "Answer to Yaron" - (Baruch Cohen); "Meeting in Kfar Hanassi" - (Yael Shprung); "Collin's apple parable" - (Yaron Zeevi); "Collin's response to Yaron"; "Thank you for a wonderful evening" - (Sheila Ben Yehuda)
#2161 10/07 "perurim from the heat" - (Rozenkrants); "Not everything is obvious" - (Rafi Frank); "Personal perurim" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "4:32 AM" - (Collin Primost); "Summer 2009 in Bet Blond" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "Hatzor site" - (Yael Shprung)
#2160 03/07 "What's new?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Minister of peace" - (Nurit Oren); "Perurim" - (David Ellman); "Till evil ends" - (Dudu Palma); "60 seconds and a bit, on the Swine Flu" - (Dudik Fux); "Youth camp" - (Neurim); "From the editorial" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Memories of a long time resident" - (Giora Goodman); "61 years and one more" - (Shlomi Cohen-Naeh); "From 1949 to 2009" - (Mina Sela); "Learning Hebrew" - (Simcha Arnold); "And them evening came" - (Dudu Palma); "Agriculture in the Hula" - ((Raymond Solomon); "Memories of the past,Baby house" - (Betty Eder); "The way" - (Shmuel Hatzor); "Memories from a Ganenet" - (Yael Neminov); "When kibbutz was kibbutz" - (Bat-Sheva Marcusson); "Cooking food for babies" - (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "Gamda Cur" - (Eddie Neminov); "Memories from the local school" - (Nurit Oren); "Sheep trip from Ein Harod to Mansura" - (Yitzhak Eder); "Still in contact" - (Leila Hart); "Kfar Hanassi during the war of independance" - ((Yitzhak Eder); "Voting in the Asefa" - (Rachel Avidor); "A nurse on kibbutz" - (Betty Doari); "Echos from the past" (Shulamit Frank); "My kibbutz" - (Sara Davolt)
#2159 26/06 "Summer perurim" - (Shar Kasdan); "Jim" - (David Collette); "A good word" - (Rachel Ginat); "Orphaned functions" - (Dudu Palma); "Sixty seconds and a bit on the Flu" - (Dudik Fux); "Ode to Jimbo" - (Bruce Whitham)
#2158 19/06 "Our dad Jimbo" - (Whitham family); "Jim Whitham RIP" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim for summer" - (Ari Shtiner); "Apologetic Perurim" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Future of a place" - (Dudik Fux); "Impressions from an exhibition" - (Michal Dadosh)
#2157 12/06 "From the editor - Special Divrei" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" - (Rozenkrantz family); "Thanks for Shavuot" - (Yifat Weisbeker); "The library and it's essence" - (Ruti Amit); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor)
#2156 05/06 "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Photo exhibition" - (David Collette); "Clarifications concerning Internet" - (David Ellman)
#2155 29/05 "Perurim" (Shar Kasdan); "On leadership" (Dudu Palma); "Looking for a name" (Tamar Wolfin); "Kfar-Hanassi web site" (Yaron Zeevi); "From earth to sky" (Asaf Solomons book);
#2154 22/05 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Question & Answer about water" (Rafi Frank & Baruch Cohen); "A farewell letter" (Shimshi Family [Residents]); "Lag Baomer" (Tommy Amit); "Volunteering at the MIFGASH" (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "Internet stuff" (David Ellman); "News about building" (Uri Shuval); "The chronological story of Kfar-Hanassi #10" (Itzhak Eder & Rachel Ginat); "The magic in water" (Rafi FRank)
#2153 15/05 "Perurim" (Rozenkrantz); "Info pages and the movement committee" (Tommy Amit); "The chronological story of Kfar-Hanassi #9" (Itzhak Eder & Rachel Ginat); "Little greaan corner" (Itzik Ben-dor)
#2152 08/05 "Perurim" (Tamar Wolfin); "(more) Perurim" (Rozenkrantz family); "Thank you to those who helped" (Itzik Bendor)(Nurit Oren); "Living with the siren" (Shabi Mizrachi); "From Holocaust evening" (Dorit & Avi Rozenkrantz); "Trip down South" (Channa & Erwin Cantor); "Story with a meaning" (Mordechai Brower);
#2151 01/05 "Perurim" (Shar Kasdan); "Pishpeshanti - our special festival" (Colin Primost); "Good people" (Yaron Zeevi); "Had the privilage of seeing a great exhibition" (Shlufa); "The chronological story of Kfar-Hanassi #8" (Itzhak Eder & Rachel Ginat);
#2150 24/04 "From the editor" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner);"Pishpeshanti" (Yaron Zeevi); "Your attention please" (Gila Amit); "The chronological story of Kfar-Hanassi #7" (Itzhak Eder & Rachel Ginat); "Our cemetary" (Hadassa Ben-Natan); "My private independance" (Dorit Rozenkrantz);
#2149 17/04 "From the editor" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" (Rozenkrantz); "How long will we suffer?" (Ari SHtiner); "Pre-army prep group" (Dudu Palma); "Pishpeshanti" (Rafi Frank); "The chronological story of Kfar-Hanassi #6" (Itzhak Eder & Rachel Ginat);
#2148 10/04 "Perurim" (Tamar Wolfin); "What's up in education" (Dana Daniel, eduaction department manager); "The chronological story of Kfar-Hanassi #5" (Itzhak Eder & Rachel Ginat); "A letter from God" (Shoshana Sharkey);
#2147 03/04 "Perurim" (Shar Kasdan); "Memories - SEDER from the past" (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "From Slavery to Freedom, and back" (Dudu Palma); "The secret" (Rachel Avidor); "The new Kfar-Hanassi forum" (David Ellman);
#2146 27/03 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Pre-Army group (MECHINA) in Kfar-Hanassi" (Dudu Palma); "The chronological story of Kfar-Hanassi #4" (Itzhak Eder & Rachel Ginat);
#2145 20/03 "Perurim" (Dorit Rozenkrants; "30th memorial for Eitan Gedalizon" (Tamar Wolfin); "Response to Shar's letter from last week" (Yaron Zeevi); "Good neighbors" (Tzila Ben-Reshef); "Goodbye to Ruti the nurse" (Nurit Oren); "Spring in Bet-Blond" (Shabi Mizrachi); "The chronological story of Kfar-Hanassi #3" (Itzhak Eder & Rachel Ginat);
#2144 13/03 "Perurim" (Tamar Wolfin); "Shabat SHalom" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Painful to hear" (Shar Kasdan); "More on natural food" (Rafi Frank); "The chronological story of Kfar-Hanassi #2" (Itzhak Eder & Rachel Ginat);
#2143 06/03 "When Purim arrives" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" (Shar Kasdan); "Even though I walk..." (David Collett); "About Purim and the Torah" (Dudu Palma); "The chronological story of Kfar-Hanassi" (Itzhak Eder & Rachel Ginat);
#2142 27/02 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "A visial diary" (David Ellman); "On honey and Cinammon" (Rafi Frank); "Little green corner" (Itzik Bendor); "Musical chairs" Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2141 20/02 "Eitan my friend" (Yossi Katz); "Eitan my little brother" (Dina); "My Eitan" (Udi Vagner); "My dear Eitan" (Israel Bar-Yosef); "Ruti" (Sagi Melamed); "Perurim" (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "Kfar Hanassi Home page" (Yaron Zeevi)
#2140 13/02 "Perurim" (Tamar Wolfin); "A meeting, french style" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Saying farewell to Israel" (Avidor family);
#2139 06/02 "Perurim" (Shar Jackson); "Light at the end of the tunnel" Dudu Palma); "Elections next week" (Tamar Wolfin); "A word on democracy" (Yohanna Potash);
#2138 30/01 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "More about dogs" (Hadassa Ben-Natan);
#2137 23/01 "Perurim" (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "Farewell letter" (Ruti Lutzki - Nurse); "Thank you" (Rachel Avidor and family); "Things that don't change" (Amit Katz);
#2136 16/01 "Perurim" (Tamar Wolfin); "The late Dining room" (Yael Neminov);
#2135 09/01 "Parting from Israel Avidor" (Shoshana Sharky; Tzila Ben-Reshef; Noah Maayan; Oded Avidor; Tamar Wolfin; Dudu Palma; Avi Rozenkrantz; Shily Devons; Shimon Peres); "Perurim" Shar Kasdan); "Alonit" (Gabi Tene); "Advertizing businesses" (Yaron Zeevi)
#2134 02/01 "Perurim" (Ari Shtiner); "Chanuka at the MIFGASH" (Shulamit Frand & Simcha Arnold); "On Fascism" (Dudu Palma); "Where's Grandma?" (Yael Neminov)

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