"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 2010

Year 2010
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 50
Number of issues since 19/11/1999 (Begining of digitized Divrei):- 568

#2234 31/12 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozemkrantz); "On the weekly portion" - (Dudu Palma); "Battle over our homes" - (Tamar Wolfin); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2233 24/12 "A new year" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Thank you" - (Tzipora Samberg); Dog castration" - (Nurit Oren); "New year at Bet Blond" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "We are on the map" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Converting in the IDF" - (Gila Doari); "History returns" - (Rachel Ginat);
#2232 17/12 "Perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); Ideas from the management desks" - (Uri Shuval); "The writing was on the wall!" - (David Ellman); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2231 10/12 "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "A plea for help after the Carmel fire" (External); "An adventure" - (Leila Hart); "Feldenkries and what is it good for" - (Michal {resident}); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2230 03/12 "My little candel" - (Dudu Palma); "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "A few tips from the management" - (Uri Shuval); "It's all the wright brothers fault" - (Tamir Shprung); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2229 26/11 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Independant" (Talit & Yoram Omer); "What an experience" - (Avital Shuval); "Divrei Hakfar - adifferent angle" - (David Ellman); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2228 19/11 "Perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "Bar Mitzva year" - (the families: Shtiner, Weisbeker, Raz, Wytte, Frank); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2227 12/11 "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Dogs again" - (anonymous); "Meshek Yeladim" - (Micky Koren); "New official web site" - (David Ellman); "Security issues" - (Natan Barak); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2226 05/11 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "No place like home" - (Naomi, Dina & Daniela Rachmani); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2225 29/10 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2224 22/10 "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "15 years since Rabin's assasination" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "More on the Torah scrolls" - (Allan Easton); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2223 15/10 "Perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "From MINHAL v'MESHEK department" - (Uri Shuval); "Interview with the Vet." - (Nurit Oren); "More on Sukkot" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz & Teri Lapping); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2222 08/10 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "Health month" - (Nurit Oren); "Thoughts on Yom Kipur" - (Rafi Frank); "A breath of fresh air" - (Collin Primost); "After the CHAGIM" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Growing up in Kitat Dror" - (Michal Gluck); "Friend from another world 'StuxNet' " - (David Ellman); "A visit to the president" - (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "The Torah scrolls" - (Allan Easton); "At Kfar Hanassi Pool" - (Malka Ganani - Harchava resident)
#2221 24/09 "Succot timetable" - (The Succot team); "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Thank you" - (Gershon, Shoshana, Adam Mader); "A Rosh Hashana blessing" - (Rabbi Elisha Wolfin); "News from the 'Torah project'" - (Allan Easton); "Little green corner" - (Iyzik Bendor); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2220 08/09 "An annual blessing" - (Baruch Cohen); "The month of Tishrei" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "I was at Joy's funeral" - (Shosh Epstein); "The 10 'terrible days' of Rosh Hashana" - (Dudu Palma); "Blessings for a new year" - (Malka Ganani - Harchava resident)
#2219 03/09 "My dear mother" - (Gershon Mader); "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "The Torah scroll" - (Johnny Frank); "The Torah scroll" - (Vita Menjigoursky); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2218 27/08 "To father Steve" - (Elah, Avidan, Peri); "As a passing dream" - (Roni Robinson, Steve's cousin); "Steve Fink" - (Michael Pinto, work partner); "Steve and Pam" - (Yifat Weisbeker); "Steve" - (Helene & Ed Talberg); "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Results of Chess tournament" - (Zohar Devolt, Erez Merav); "Torah scroll" - (Allan Easton); "Kids farm update" - (Mickey Koren); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2217 20/08 "About my mother's departure" - (Simcha Arnold); "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "More perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "More on the Torah scroll" - (Allan Easton); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2216 13/08 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "Opening of BNOT KORAZIM archeological site - (Tommy Amit); "A new TORAH scroll for Kfar-Hanassi" - (Allan Easton); "Dudu Palma's new book"; "Looking after the cemetary" - (David Collette); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2215 06/08 "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2214 30/07 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "thank-you's for the bar mitzva" - (Carkom age group); "Dreams come true" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Things we knew about love and have managed to forget" - (Dudu Palma); "How did we meet" - (Rachel Avidor); "Oh luna luna, what have you done?" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Sunrise on Masada" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Gretna green" - (Collin Primost); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "I didn't remember his name" - (Tamar Wolfin)
#2213 23/07 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Thank you" - (Betty Doari); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2212 16/07 "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Thank you to Bnot-Meshek" - (Yael Neminov); "What's happening in the kids farm?" - (Micky Koren); "I don't have a God... but..." - (David Collette); "Politics in Divrei" - (David Ellman); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor)
#2211 09/07 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "Wonders of creation" - (Yaron Zeevi); "Timeout" - (David Collette); "Used cooking oil" - (Zipora Samberg); "Did you really see God?" - (David Ellman); "Sketch collection" - (Dudu Palma)
#2210 02/07 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Why do I need God now?" - (Dudu Palma); "The swimming pool" - (Harold Wallach); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2209 25/06 "Our swimming pool" - (Evelyn Wallach); "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2208 18/06 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Hello Dudu!" - (Tzipora Samberg); "Bnei Meshek - continued" - (Ido Fuchs); "Snake season" - (Ruti Amit); "Bet Blond" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "Example of dealing with world critisizm" - (David Ellman); "Five poems" - (Ela Fink); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "What can I give?" - (Myay Tikotshinski [Solomon])
#2207 11/06 "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "Educational road-signs" (Erez Merav); "To be or not to be a Ben-Meshek?" (The "to-be" youngsters); "Response to Tzipora" - (Dudu Palma); "The Arab situation in Israel" (brought by Avi Rozenkrantz); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2206 04/06 "An hounerary certificate to Adam Ben-Chanoch" - (The local council of the Galil); "Perurim" (Rozenkrantz family); "Roses? - Really???" - (Dalia Vagner); "The battle over democracy" - (David Ellman); "Politics, Democracy and post-Zionism" - (Tzipora Samberg); "Barcelonah, in short" - (Yael Merav); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2205 28/05 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Carcom age group - Bar-Mitzva" - (Carcom kids); "Response to the democracy issue" - (Dudu Palma); "Roses and Roses" (Tamar Wolfin); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2204 21/05 "Perurim" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Battle over democracy?" - (David Ellman); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Sin and it's punishment" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2203 14/05 "To mother" - (Yona Oren {Raines}); To mother" - (Dalia Vagner); "To grandma" - (Roni Vagner); "Beloved Grandma" - (Ayelet Vagner); "How do I say goodbye?" - (Rachel Avidor); "Perurim" - (Rozenkrantz family); "Road signs in the kibbutz" - (Erez Merav); "Battle over democracy" - (Dudu Palma); "Letter to Kfar-Hanassi members & residents" - (Liat Epstein); "From the mouth of an ass" - (Avi Rozenkrants)
#2202 07/05 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Bet Blond - flowing with the times" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "A wonderful experience" - (Tamar Wolfin); "To all drivers, parents of small kids" - (David Collette);
#2201 30/04 "Ma Nishma?" -(Tamar Wolfin); "50 years anniversary for our ALIAH" - (Shulamit Frank); "From the Mechina";
#2200 23/04 Perurim" (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "From the mouth of an ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2199 16/04 "Good bye, Jane" - (Ruti Amit); "To the family" (Robin Singerman); "Perurim" - (Shar Kasdan); "Thorns & Roses" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Thorns & Knives" - (Tzila Ben-Reshef); "Justice must be done, not just seen" - (Dudu Palma); "Once a thorn, Once a Rose" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "A good recepie" - (Ari Shtiner); "A writer who is also a mirror" - (David Ellman); "From the mouth of an ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "A little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor)
#2198 09/04 "Jane Telem - RIP; Poems for Holocuast day; "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Thorns & roses" (Tamar Wolfin); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
NoDivrei#2 02/04 Pictures from the April-Fool's day and what our good-old Markolit has turned into...
NoDivrei#1 01/04 Just pictures from the SEDER, the day after and various other activities, in pictures
#2197 26/03 "From the editorial" - (Shoshana Shaekey); "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin"; "Gusti" - (Yael Neminov); "Meshek Yeladim is alive and active" - (Micky Koren); "Thorns & Roses" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Blue eyed blonds" - (Collin Primost); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2196 19/03 "Dear Mother" - (David Rifkind); "Perurim" - (Rozenkrantz family); "Where can you find such people?" - (Dudik Fux); "Who needs services go-betweens?" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "The annual gifts - just names?" - (Ruti Amit); "We tried to change the world" - (Dudu Palma); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2195 12/03 "Perurim" - (Shar Kasdan); "Followup on last week" - (Yael Neminov); "From the Mechina" - (Yarden Yashfan); "End of Gmail nithmare?" - (David Ellman); "Another Habonim meeting" - (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "Springtime in Bet-Blond" - Shabi Mizrachi); "Here it won't happen" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "A poem" - (Dudu Palma); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2194 05/03 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Thank you" - (Ora Namali); "Dwarfs & Giants, great experience" (The Koren Family); "Hot's cable system" - (Shlomo Weisbeker); "Fed up with it" - (Shlomo Weisbeker); "The public's right to know" - (Jackie Amar); "Little grean corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "About the latest on the news" - (Dudu Palma)
#2193 26/02 "Perurim" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Gmail problems" - (David Ellman); "From the ass's mouth" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2192 19/02 "Perurim" - (Rozenkrantz family); "The public's right to know" - (Dudu Palma); "Education, don't subsadise me" - (Yaron Zeevi); "Response to Yaron" - (Tchiah, education manager); "In memory of Cherut Lapid" - (Nurit Oren); "What the ass has to say" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Small children and big buildings" - (Collin Primost)
#2191 12/02 "Perurim" - (Shar Kasdan); "Response to Ilana Frank about the old Moadon" - (Baruch Cohen); "My friend Itzhak" - (Meir Raines); "The ring road movement" - (Maayan Palma); "From the ass's mouth" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2190 05/02 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "More about Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "The public's righth to know!" - (ILana Frank); "Health insurence, a scam?" - (Dudi Fux); "Internet problems" - (David Ellman); "Bird counting" - (Shlomit Lifshitz); "Dwarfs and Giants, Purim) - (Maya Solomon & Einat Palma); "From the Ass's mouth" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2189 29/01 "Written for Itzhak's 80th - 2002" - (Rachel Avidor); "Thank you" - (The Eder family - Yehuda); "A warm and loving home" - (Yoav Eder); "Perurim" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "An article for TU BISHVAT" - (Dudu Palma); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "A rainy day on the village paths" - (Harold Wallach); "A winning recepie for TU BISHVAT" - (Ari Shtiner); "A poem" - (Dudu Palma); "Preserving the Hebrew language" - (Uri Ganani); "From the ass's mouth" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2188 22/01 "Dear Mr. Grosbard" - (Yehuda Eder); "Yitzhak Eder's Biography" - (Shlomit Lifshitz); "Abba" - (Yoav Eder); "Abba" - (Itamar Eder); "3rd generation" - (Alon Eder); "Sabba" - (Nadav Eder); "Time keeper" - (Dudu Palma); "So many memories" - (Shlufa {David} Erenberg); "Yitzhak, the guide" - (Raffi Frank); "In Yitzhak's memory" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "Itzik" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Perurim" - Tamar Wolfin); "Inquiry committee. 'Vaadat BIKORET'" - (Ilana Frank, Dudik Fux, Asher Ayalon); "From the ass's mouth" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2187 15/01 "Perurim" - (Shar Jackson,Kasdan,McKlokein); "Life in the garbage pile" - (Yeal Neminov); "Words of praise and thanks" - (Shulamit Frank, the MIFGASH); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2186 08/01 "About Genesis" - (Dudu Palma); "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Internal roads, meeting summary" - (Ruti Amit); "Another trip" - (Sara Davolt); "Local chess compatition results" - (Zohar Davolt & Erez Meyrav); "Visit to Etheoopia" - (Dalia Wagner); "Back to the goog old Hebrew language" - (Uri Ganani); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkratz); "Sugerless sweetners, don't touch them!" - (Ayelet Marom)
#2185 01/01 Perurim" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Consideration" - (Jane Telem); "Note about garbage" - (Tommy Amit); "Visit from Holland, continued" - (Mordechai Brower); "Doubling Internet bandwidth" - (David Ellman);"A story" - (Gila Doari); "From the mouth of the ass" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "A light in the Zfat Hospital" - (Collin Primost);"Meeting with the HARCHAVA residents" - (Ari Shtiner)

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