"DIVREI HAKFAR"      For year 2011

Year 2011
Number of issues since beginning of the year:- 52
Number of issues since 19/11/1999 (Begining of digitized Divrei):- 620

#2286 30/12 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Apologizing" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Once and for all: Who was Sylvester?!" - (Erwin Cantor)
#2285 23/12 "Levi Genislav - RIP"; "Dear Father" - (Galia Tubis); "About Levi" - (Vita Menjigoursky; "More about Levi" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Yoel Varod - RIP" (Shoshana Sharkey); "Ma Nishma" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Letter from afar" - (Harold Wallach); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2284 16/12 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "To my anonymous helper" - (Yael Meyrav); "Autumn Soul" - (Malka Ganany); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2283 09/12 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Getting un-confused" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "a problem and it's solution" - (Ori Ganany); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2282 02/12 "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "A new child-parent project" - (Rajan Kita); "Goodbye members" - (Avenr Marom); "Talk to survive" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2281 25/11 "Lenny Rose R.I.P"; "Dad" - (Yanita Nitzan); "Lenny my friend" - (Zami Ben-Tzvi); "A farewell to Lenny from Machanaim" - (Ronnie & Minnie); "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "A response to a news article" - (Ronit Barak); "A response to Ronit's letter" (Ora Hamer); "The weeks portion reflecting on today" (Shoshana Sharkey); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2280 18/11 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Chinese medicine" - (Yochai Wolfin); "Time bank" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2279 11/11 "More on the health month" - (Nurit Oren); "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "The time bank" - Shoshna Sharkey); "Renovation the hydro plant" - (Udi Agam); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "A yamm recepie" - (Ari Shtiner); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2278 04/11 "Kehila" - (Rajan Kita); "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "Health month" - (Nurit Oren); "Questions" - (Ruti Marcs) and "Responses" - (Uri Shuval); "Time bank" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Brain washing" - (Tommy Amit); "in praise of the Kfar-Hanassi B&B" - (Uri Ganani); "Greetings to thev OLdies of the Galil" - (Zipora Samberg); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Tamar" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz);
#2277 28/10 "From the editor's desk" - (Shoshana Sharkey; "When it's all over" - (Teri Lapping, Dorit Rozenkrantz); "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Road safety" - (Maya Tikochinski); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2276 21/10 "He is everyone's son" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "What's up in ALONIT" - (Erwin Cantor);
#2275 14/10 "End of summer" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "Careful! - Price tag!" - (Dudu Palma); "More on the phone system" - (David Ellman); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2274 07/10 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "Public justice" - (Nurit Oren); "Shana Tova Kfar Hanassi" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Brain washing, the end?" - (Tommy Amit); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2273 30/09 "Shana Tova" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "A blesing for the new year" - (Baruch Cohen); "A successful demographic year" - (Hadassa Ben-Natan); "A sad new year" - (Itzhak Eder); "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Jeanette Genislav" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Advertising vote results" - (Tamir Shprung); "Blessings for the new Galilee pensioners magazine" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "From the MIFGASH" - (Shulamit Frank); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2272 23/09 "To touch a dream" - (Dudu Fuchs); "Jeanette, a good friend" - (Ilse Ben-Chanoch); "Perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "Our 'spare' time" - (Nurit Oren); "Phone Exchange corner" - David Ellman); "Helping children to read" - (an article brought by Rachel Ginat); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Wise cracks" - (brought by Shoshana Sharkey)
#2271 16/09 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "Thanks you !!" - (Susan Swartz); "New phone codes list, Hebrew & English" - (David Ellman); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "We didn't have 'green' then" - (Michal Ashchar - Resident); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2270 09/09 "Ma Nishma?" - Tamar Wolfin); "School uniform" - (Yaron Zeevi); "The new phone exchange" - (David Ellman); "Recycle, my friends, recycle" (Tommy Amit); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Chess tournement summary" - (Erez Merav); "The month of ELUL" - (Elisha Wolfin)
#2269 02/09 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "A poem" - (Rachel Avidor); "For and from my honor" - (Dudu Palma); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2268 26/08 "Perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "A letter to the kibbutz residents" - (Yoav Harris); "Giving birth at home" - (Michal Ashchar [resident]); "Upgrading the phone exchange system" - (David Ellman); "The green house" (in memory of Harry Smith) - (Keren Davidesko [Resident]); "A memory book project" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2267 19/08 "Ma Nishma" - (Tamar Wolfin); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "40 years of local camping" - (Tzila Ben-Reshef)
#2266 12/08 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "From the editor's desk" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Thank you" - (Betty Doari); "Putting the demonstration into practice" (Yaron Zeevi); The Cottage and us" (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Kids summer camp tradition" - (Yarden Yentis); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor); (Avi Rozenkrantz; "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2265 05/08 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "From the editor's desk" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Continued brain washing" - (Tommy Amit); On the latest demonstrations" - (Yaron Zeevi); "A letter from the heart" - (Efrat Ellman); "Thank you, for the kibbutz anniversary" - (The team: Leah Katz, Evelyn Wallach, Dalia Vagner) "The Cottage (cheese) and us" - (Avi Rozenkrantz; "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2264 29/07 A special edition for the kibbutz anniversary - Topic: Gan Rimon
#2263 29/07 "Perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "Who will build me a house in Tel Aviv" - (Ory Ganany); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2262 22/07 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); The Carpentry shop" - (Tommy Amit); "Galilee Parlament No. 3" - (Ory Ganany); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2261 15/07 "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Nagaria group meeting" - (Rafi Frank); "More brain washing" - (Tommy Amit); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor)
#2260 08/07 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "Invitation to a dialog" - (Sarita Cina); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Rio, our experience" - (Dorit & Avi Rozenkrantz); "Samar" - (Shoshna Sharkey);
#2259 01/07 "Perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "Change main gate regulations" - (Udi Agam); "Anthroposophic child daycare" - (Who?); "A different flotilla" - (Ilana Frank); "Yizkor" - (Shabi Mizrachi";
#2258 24/06 "Farewell to the Kibbutz" - (Dudu Palma in name of the MECHINA); "Dear kibbutz members..." - (A letter from teh MECHINA); "The pool rules" - (Pool committee I guess); "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "The swimming pool" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Yizkor, a change?" - (Dudu Palma);
#2257 17/06 "Memories of Gan Rimon" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Birth & Anniversary dates needed" - (Shulamit Frank); "Perurim" - (Tamar Wolfin); "More perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "From manegament table" - (Uri Shuval); "A SHAHID is born" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Continued brain washing" - (Tommy Amit); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2256 10/06 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Brain washing (continued)" - (Tommy Amit); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2255 03/06 "Perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "From the management's desk" - (Uri Shuval); "Brain washing" - (Tommy Amit); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor)
#2254 27/05 "Blessings to the new members" - (Editor Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Gan Rimon stories" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Upper Galilee forum meeting" - (Ori Ganani); "Apple tart recepie" - (Ari Shtiner);
#2253 20/05 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz), "Our dear Ilana" - (Ayelet Levi, Zfat hostel manager); "A new book by Gila Amit" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Why I am still against" - (Max Mader); "Brain washing" - (Tommy Amit); "Cloths for the needy" - (Reggie Pearlson); "Varda painted the treasurer" - (Ora Namali); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2252 13/05 "Ilana" - (Yanita Nitzan); "Kitat Eyal Writing to Ilana" - (Shlomit Lifshitz); "To Ilana" - (Oded Avidor); "To ILana" - (Tamar Weintrub); "We have no other country" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "Perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); Response to Maz - Pension funds" - (Collin Primost); "Hermon meeting" - (Tamir Shprung); "Kfar Hanassi web site" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "State of Israel, age 63" (Daria Bilgory)
#2251 06/05 "Thank you" - (Raymond Solomon); "HOT cables, a reply to Jayson" - (Baruch Cohen); "The cemetary, a reply to David" - (Baruch Cohen); "A huge thank you!" - (Gedalizon family); "The story of the new TORAH" - (from the archives: Rachel Ginat); "Splinter memories - Holocaust memorial day" - (Tziporh Samberg); "Closing a circle" - (Rafi Frank); "Splinter memories" - (Shoshana Sharky); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "Blessings to HERMON age group on their 50th" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "Multi year rain readings"
#2250 29/04 "Jews are important people in my eyes" - (A collection); "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "The 4 Psaach brothers" - (Arieh Wolfin); "The Seder" - (Dudu Palma); "Shalom Kfar-Hanassi members" - (Harchava members); "Spring, snakes, scoropins and other creepy crawlies" - (Ruti Amit); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2249+ 22/04 "A picture(s) is worth 1000 words !! (not counted in totals)
#2249 15/04 "Alf my friend" - (Sami Ben-Tzvi); "There was a man and he is no more" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "From slavery to freedom" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Things I didn't know and probably should have known" - (Max Mader); "Question to the management" - (Harold Wallach); "A good story with a good ending" - (Shulamit Frank); "Phone calls problem" - (David Ellman); "May they rest in peace" - (David Ellman); "From Uri's desk" - (Uri Shuval); "Swimming pool" - (Evelyn Wallach); "Upgrading HOT services" - (Jayson Pearlson); "Little green corner" - Itzik Bendor); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2248 08/04 "The story of Gan Rimon" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "Written in memory of Nachman Katz's Father" - (Leah, Nachman, Eyal, Adva, Almog); "Spring of my childhood" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "Juliano Mer is dead" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2247 01/04 "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Thanks for Purim help & participation" - (Yifat Weisbeker); "From Uri's desk (ex-Alec)" - (Uri Shuval); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2246 25/03 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "The diamond in the crown" - (Naomi Dina and Daniela Rachmani); "Health corner" - (Nurit Oren) ; "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2245 18/03 "International Woman's day" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "This is all we have left" - (Evelyn Wallach); "Interview with Benny Forster" - (Nurit Oren); "Hello David Ellman" - (Yael Neminov); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2244 11/03 "Perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "On responsibility and education" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "The weekly portion" - (Dudu Palma); "Home in one peice" - (David Ellman); "Journey on the Israel pathway" - (Gila Doari); "International pension card" - (?); "Health corner" - (Nurit Oren); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2243 04/03 "From the editors desk" - (Shoshana Sharkey); "Perurim" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Little green corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2242 25/02 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz); "From Uri Shuval's workdesk" - (Uri Shuval); Soldiers waiting to get home" - (Hadasa Ben0Natan); "Read at the Samberg's anniversary" - (Tzila Ben-Reshef); "More for teh Samberg's" - (Zami Ben-zvi); "and more for teh Sambergs" (Sheila Ben-Yehuda); "12 tips for the common cold" - (Nurit Oren); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2241 18/02 "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "Self shoulder patting" - (Tzila Ben-Reshef); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2240 11/02 "Perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "Kabalt Shabat with Shalit family" - (Dudu Palma); "Health corner" - (Nurit Oren); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz);
#2239 04/02 "Ma-Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "Little Green Corner" - (Itzik Bendor); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz); "The new kibbutz website" - (Shoshana Sharkey)
#2238 28/01 "Perurim" - (Dorit Rozenkrantz);"Disconnecting Banim phone lines" - (David Ellman); "Just another day" - (Rafi Frank); "The new Tuba" - (Yoram Omer, as in Talit and Omer); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2237 21/01 "Tu-Bishvat is here" - (The festivals crew); "Perurim" - (Ari Shtiner); "A year to Itzhak Eder" - (Letter from a childhood friend); "Slippery slope #2" - (Dudu Palma); "Once, at the railway station" - (Tommy Amit);; "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2236 14/01 "Perurim" - (Shabi Mizrachi); "The life of Eddie Talberg" (Read at the funeral); "Something for bird watchers" - (Shlomit Lifshitz); "The song of bray" - (Avi Rozenkrantz)
#2235 07/01 "Ma Nishma?" - (Tamar Wolfin); "From my work desk" - (Uri Shuval); "Primost family (Alon & Arlene)" in Kfar-Hanassi" - (Local magazine 'green pages');

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