"Mansura Battle Diaries"      For years 1948-49

Mansura Battle Diaries: (Noted, on location, by Itzhak Eder)
1/1/1949 - 30/5/1949 Mansura Battle diary #4:
Heavey rain and we can see more than a meter! Ammunition store collapsed. We must change shells and hand grenades. Actually, not too much to report.
25/8/1948 - 31/12/1948 Mansura Battle diary #3:
Working on trenches with air compressors. The animals get away and the El-Heib return them. We get sights for the 3" mortar. Planes above us and we shoot at them. Israel is 2nd in command. Shots at night and gaurds get excited. Continuing with leaves list. Car broke down, no water. Phone is dead for days now. High alert, all leaves cancelled. We get a portable wireless phone from "Philon" MK288
6/8/1948 - 24/8/1948 Mansura Headquaters diary #2:
Mining the area. Light projectors from the Syrian side. Syrians draw near, we shoot at them. They shoot at the wheat harvesters. Kibbutz movement kitchen committee on visit. Explosion in Tuba. Starting to build the cow shed? Shots from Tuba area. We get compressor drills for defence trenches. We set up a water line. Laying phone lines.
17/7/1948 - 5/8/1948 Mansura Headquaters diary #1:
We get a vhicle from the army. plans for mining the Jordan passways. Heavy water problems. Building defences. "Hafuga Bet". Opening fire orders. We don't get reinfocements from the army. Setting up a security committee. Storm knocks over tents. Aranging leaves. Food is lost in Rosh-Pina for lack of transport. Phones the army gave us are terrible! We're short on cleaning stuff for our weapons. All the time, planes in the air and shooting here and there.
1/7/1948 - 17/7/1948
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Mansura Battle Diary:
Getting base defences up. Stabalizing the stronghold. The Syrian enemy. Water rations. Weapons arrive and are distributed. Blowing up the "Gesher Bnot Yaacov" didn't work. Setting up the first "Chadar Ochel". Shells land on Mansura. Battles around "Yarda" and "Mishmar Hayarden". Operation "Brosh" failes. Shooting battle with the Syrians. A bomb lands in Inge and Lou's tent, and doesn't go off!. Enemy aircraft shot down by "Ayelet Hashachar".

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