"Niv Kfar Hanassi"      For year 1951

The magazine "Niv Kfar-Hanassi"
#6 May 1951 "Niv" #6:
Accepting new members. "Bet Michael". The fish ponds. The forest business. Branches report. Committee activity. Members change their names to Hebrew ones - official government department.
#5 Apr 1951 "Niv" #5:
Memories of an ex"Mrakez Keniot". Committee activity. Sheep department report. Branches report. Criticism on our magazine Hebrew standard, from "Bakibbutz" editorial.
#4 Mar 1951 "Niv" #4:
Manpower report. Branches report. Health and care for the sick. A kibbutzniks experiences from a holiday in Tel-Aviv. Letters to the editorial
#3 24/2/1951 "Niv" #3:
A demand for a Hebrew spirit in the kibbutz. First youth group arrive. Branches report. Letters to the editorial
#2 Jan 1951 "Niv" #2:
Discussion about accepting a youth group. The breading department is the most successful. The Chevra's indifference to education. First age groups.
#1 Jan 1951 "Niv" #1:
The future of our magazine. Department reports. Finalizing the road between us and Rosh-Pina. Starting to plant the vineyard

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