Adam Ben-Chanoch: 12.3.1921 - 10.9.2013  
Adam came to Kfar-Hanassi with the founding group, the "Vatikim". Most of his later life he spent in the education world, teaching, education generations of kids both from the Kibbutz and outside it. Starting at the very beginning with the first age group "Kitat Arieh" and on, many years later. He became an adviser on the education team. There is much to tell of Adam's life and it will eventually be enetered here.

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Written by: Ilse Maya Dori EFrat Yonatan Noah Michaela & Noga Written by Noga Ben-Chanoch Written by Michaela Ben-Chanoch
Written by Yonatan Ben-Chanoch Written by Timi Amit-Shoer Written by David Ellman
Written by Uri Golan Written by Nurit Amadi (Emek Hachula team) Written by Tamar Wolfin
Written by Tzila Bem-Reshef
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