Aharon Katz: 9/9/1919 - 26/3/2011

Nachman Katz's father. Born in Robono, Poland. Escaped the Natzis to Russia. Was drafted to the Red Army. Participated in the Stalingrad battles and escaped by the skin of his teeth. Was transferred to Chilbiski in the Ural where he met Yocheved. Lived in Russia and ran a coal mine. Later studied electricity.Back to Poland and then Germany. Was head of the Jewish school in Transchtein. Came to Israel where he ran the Arlozorov school in Hadera. Moved to Tel-Aviv and ran Katznelson school there. Worked as a teacher till retirement.

Written by, to, and about Aharon:-
Written by Leah & Nachman Katz Written by Eyal Katz Written by Adva Katz Written by Almog Katz Written by the family
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