Chaim Maayan: 22/1/1921 - 21/10/2014

Born in Warsaw to Fishel and Deborah. A member of the youth group "Gordonia". Worked in an army base 1939-1942 and when the Nazis started collecting Jews to the camps he joined "Gordonia and started training. Worked for the Germans looking after ovens. His Boss hid him for 7 days from the Nazis. Was taken to the Nazi camps but managed to escape. 1943 he was caught and sent to Aouswithch. AS the allies neared the camps, they were taken on a "march" but Chaim managed to escape again. 1945 joined "Habonim". Chaim came to Israel on the "Negev" ship and after a period in Cyprus, landed in Israel 1948. A year and a half later, married Anette and started a grand family. Chaim worked in all phsical jobs and was on eye-level with the workers from Hatzor. A small but big man!

Written by, to, and about Chaim:-
written by Efraim Maayan written by Rotem Fuchs written by Dudu Palma written by Rachel Ginat

Pictures in Chaim's life:-

Chaim Maayan with great grandson  

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