Elain Easton: 6/2/1927 - 12/2/2015

Elain born in London, Married Allan and created a good six boy family. Came to Israel 1972 and to Kfar-Hanassi 1976. Pretty soon energetic Elain became manager of the health committee. Later she took on the job of looking after Ulpan and volunteers on the kibbutz. Elain was active in many other aspects of Kibbutz life. After the "Village" closed down Elain worked at sawing and mending clothes for anyone who need it. After their son Tom was murdered in London and Shauli who died after a long struggle with cancer, Elain started to feel pressure and her health started to give way.

Written by, to, and about Elain:-
Written by Sandra Easton Written by James Easton Written by (One of the boys ?) Written by Richard Easton
Written by Hanna Easton Written by Rachel Ginat Written by Shoshana Sharkey
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Elain Easton  

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