Hana Franklin: 27.5.52 - 25.4.95        

Born in Nes-Tziona, Israel. Came to Kfar-Hanassi with the Nachal group "Hagalil". Hanna died early in life from a terrible illness

Written by, to, and about Hanna:-
"My warm and Embracing home" - Written to "Divrei" by Hana Franklin - 22/8/1994 "So hard leaving my home" - Written to "Divrei" by Hana Franklin - July 1989 "Le-hitraot Hana" By Tzila Ben-Reshef - Farewell evening for Hana "me and my cancer" - Written to "Divrei" by Hana Franklin "Painful times" - By Eric Erenberg, to "Divrei"
Written by Tzila Ben-Reshef to "Divrei" Leah Katz - To "Divrei" Writen By Shabi for "Divrei" Written by Tamar Wolfin to "Divrei" Written by Irene to "Divrei"
Written by Heather to "Divrei Hakfar"
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Pictures in Hanna's life:-

Hannah Franklin 

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