Ilse Ben-Chanoch: 10/5/1927 - 5/11/2015

Ilse was born in Germany on May 1927 to her parents Irma and Martin. When the Nazis came to power the family tried everything and finally managed to escape to Australia in 1939. She studied dentistry but her mind was all on Habonim Sydney. 1948 saw Ilse on a visit to Israel and after an exciting year she returned to Sydney as a Madricha in Habonim. In 1952 Ilse came to Israel on the "Kedma" ship and a year later became a member of Kfar-Hanassi. In 1953 Ilse met Adam and were married a year later. Ilse worked with young kids. Later learned the secrets of cooking for children from Netta and took part in that too. Ilse later worked in Gamda and Habonim. The family went on Shlichut to the USA 1958 to 1960 and again to the UK from 1965 to 1967. Ilse ran the Tarbut committee and the absorbtion committee too. Ilse later took on the book binding business which she worked at right to the end. Ilse left Dori and Maya to continue the family line.

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