Ivan Levine: 8.12.1925 - 25.5.2013        

Born in Glasgow on 8/12/1925 to parents Dov and Clarice, brother to Rene Cohen. During WWII worked on lathe at a weapon facory. Later worked in coal mine, very hard work, especially someone 1.90 meters tall. After a while, due to back aches (that accompanied him all his life), was sent to a more modern mine. Visited Gorsey leaze, his sister and teh "gang" many times. After the war he continued and finished his studies and joined Habonim, later deciding to go to Israel. Ivan made ALIYAH 1949 on the ship MARE LIGURE. On that ship he first met Helen. After a few days they announced they would be married. Within six months they were married. Later expanding their family with Gil, Aharon & Ari. ON the kibbutz he was a dedicated and trusted worker. Was a driver for many years, worked in the garage for a long time too.

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