Pearl Ben-Atar: 12/1/1933 - 29/2/2016

Pearl was born in Johannesburg 1933 to Alter and Bella, and lived in Rhodesia. To Kfar-hanassi Pearl arrived in 1976 with her young ones Belinda and Neil. Pearl became a member in 1978 and worked in Gan Shaked, Marcolit and the cloths shop. She was a quiet person but made her presence in other ways than talking, such as her step dancing. Her son Neil was killed in 1986 and both Pearl and Belinda went through a heavy sad time. Belinda married i 1994. Her husband died suddenly in 1995 which was another hard blow to the family. Belinda's son who was born some 6 months later was something of a comfort for the family.

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