Renee Cohen: 6/12/1923 - 6/7/2015

Renee grew up in Glasgow. At a young age in school Renee already felt the feelings that made her life uneasy in Scotland. 1939 Rene joined "Habonim" with her friend Hetti not knowing anything about it. During the war Rene joined Gorzy Leaze Hachshara where she later met Michael. December 1948 saw them on a ship to Israel. Renee initially worked in the laundry and later with kids. 1972 saw Renee as the Kibbutz secratery, a difficult period which included the Yom Kipur war. Ceramics caught Renee in a grip that kept her going for a long time.

Written by, to, and about Renee:-
From Rene & Michael's book Written by Orit Cahana Written by Doron Cohen
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