Roy Abb: 13.3.1936 - 4.3.2012        

Roy served in the RAF. Came to Kfar-Hanassi and left at some stage only to come back again, making Kfar-Hanassi his permanent home. Roy worked in the planning office of Habonim factory while in his free time he maticulously repaired watches that could be fixed, unlike the digital throw-aways we use today. Later in his life he took a liking to book binding and spent time looking after library, and other, books.

Written by, to, and about Roy:-
Written by Vivian (Sister) Written by Vita Menjigourski Written by Joan-E Written by Mary Sherak "Fare thee well", Tirtza and Dan - Lyrics
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Pictures in Roy's life:-

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Video clips from Roy's life:-
"Fare thee well", Tirtza and Dan - Music & pictures

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