Shaul Samberg: ?/2/1921 - 23/3/2013

Shaul was born in Manchester on February 1921. The youngest of 3 other brothers and a sister.
Those were hard times in Europe and Shaul never forgot that.
He didn't invest in studies but went to work to earn a living for the family.
WWW II found Shaul in Europe serving in the British army as a radio operator. There he was confronted with Anti-semitism that served to arouse his Jewish awareness.
He came to Israel in 1948 after the war was over. At the temporary place of a newly created Garin, he met Ziporah. They married in 1950. Shaul and Zipora came to Kfar-Hanassi in 1962 with Dani and Tamara. He felt like a fish in water due to his English sense of humor. Shaul worked for many years in the orchards together with Dave, Mosi and Henry. Eventually he moved to Habonim where he ran the machine shop store.

Written by, to, and about Shaul:-
Written by Simcha Arnold Written by Ziporah Samberg Written by Rachel Ginat Written by The Bet-Yonatan team
Written by Tomer Shachar (Grandson) Written by Margalit Samberg
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