Yael Nemenoff: 28/7/1925 - 5/7/2015

Yael (Lotteh) was born in Germany. Getting out of Nazi Germany via the KinderTransport was so traumatic that Yael could not remember a thing about it. Moving around various places in the UK, Yael finally landed at Gorzy Leaze Hachshara. In 1946 on her 21st birthday Yael was on the way to Israel on the YAGUR when they were deported to Cyprus by the British. 6 months later she landed in Israel at Rupin where her two brothers were and then via Kfar-Blum and Hadera to Kfar Hanassi. Yael worked in education for years and many of (Then) kids remember that period. Later on Yael ran the Ulpan groups. Later still Ceramics caught her fancy and she "let go" into that activity. Yael was athletic and even at an old age she would still ride her bike.

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