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 Various Video clips 2012 - listed chronologically:- 
09/08/2012Kids summer camp at kfar-hanassi20:00 minutes
27/07/201264th anniversary - Show at the amphi49:58 minutes
27/07/201264th anniversary - Nostalgic video medley39:10 minutes
04/05/2012Demonstration in Rosh pina after attack on Shani47:15 minutes
25/04/2012Holocaust memorial at our cemetary27:53 minutes

 Various Video clips 2011 - listed chronologically:- 
05/09/2011Moving the palm tree in the swimming pool area9:38 minutes
03/09/2011Demonstration in Rosh Pina - Part of country wide23:18 minutes
03/08/2011Kfar-Hanassi Pensioners trip to Rosh Hanikra7:14 minutes
29/07/2011Betty Doari's 90th birthday in the Moadon7:45 minutes
10/07/2011End of an Icon. The Nagaria on fire6:36 minutes
19/01/2011Demolishing the old "Habonim" lab7:19 minutes

 Various Video clips 2010 - listed chronologically:- 
29/10/2010Vatikei Hagalil, day trip to Ceasaria7:22 minutes
03/08/2010Official opening of the "Bnot Korazim" arecheological site (Tommy)6:12 minutes
19/02/201060+ Jeep trip to Wadi Dishon3:19 minutes

 Various Video clips 2009 - listed chronologically:- 
16/12/2009Creativity evening offr Chanuka, in the dinning room10:50 minutes
28/11/2009Re-opening the MESHEK YELADIM - Micky Koren and family14:18 minutes
09/10/2009Simchat Tora Party in the moadon by the new residents23:30 minutes
08/09/200980 years of HABONIM: Choir live! The "HAKDASHA"10:00 minutes
08/09/200980 years of HABONIM: Last choir rehearsal on location. Speeches10:43 minutes
08/09/200980 years of HABONIM: Getting together again at Efal (Tel Aviv)15:40 minutes
06/09/200980 years of HABONIM: Choir rehearsal at home04:15 minutes
02/09/2009Pancake evening at Sara Davolt's10:41 minutes
28/08/2009Start of school year11:43 minutes
04/06/2009Eylon Maser & Aviva's wedding party at the pub10:58 minutes
28/05/2009Shavuot party20:35 minutes
28/04/2009Independence evening13:01 minutes
27/04/2009IDF memorial ceremony13:21 minutes
08/04/2009PIshpeshanti Festival13:57 minutes
22/04/2009Holocaust memorial ceremony at the Cemetary07:24 minutes
20/04/2009Holocaust memorial evening08:40 minutes
08/04/2009Seder Pessach06:31 minutes

 Various Video clips 2008 - listed chronologically:- 
19/12/2008Kfar-Hanassi Tuba mutual peace forest planting05:09 minutes
14/10/2008Succot visit to Mansura 04:26 minutes
23/09/2008Opening ceremony of new Schuna05:00 minutes
27/07/2008Shoni Wallach's magic dragon03:59 minutes
07/05/2008Shavuot party at the pub07:30 minutes
08/03/2008Kibbutz hike to Ikrit #119:38 minutes
08/03/2008Kibbutz hike to Ikrit #220:37 minutes
08/03/2008Kibbutz hike to Ikrit #319:38 minutes
03/04/2008Big jucy fire behind garages12:00 minutes

 The 60th anniversary celebration 
25/07/2008Opening, trumpet, speeches, music & song10:37 minutes
25/07/2008Choire,Vatikim,Berry-tree,Flag parade18:52 minutes
25/07/2008Music & song,Yehuda,Adam,Micky,Shlomo15:38 minutes
25/07/2008Zigs, videos and dancing14:21 minutes
25/07/2008Video clips,choire, recorder quartette13:12 minutes
25/07/2008Zigs,Video clips,singing,negev trip,choire,Debka,Compost project23:13 minutes
25/07/2008Max's mandolenes,The Shchuna,belly dancing13:15 minutes
25/07/2008Garin Tzabar,IDF mothers,Divrei,the "MIFGASH"15:06 minutes
25/07/2008Melvin's dance,Zig 2nd generation, end20:27 minutes

  The great Negev hike & party 
  Thursday 27/3/2008 
27/03/2008Preps before leaving06:17 minutes
27/03/2008On the way, Highway 603:19 minutes
27/03/2008Nature break on Highway 606:48 minutes
27/03/2008Continuing South03:37 minutes
27/03/2008Lunch break at Omer05:47 minutes
27/03/2008Visit to the Negev Memorial site09:24 minutes
27/03/2008First group drop of at Dimona01:35 minutes
27/03/2008Chan Hashayarot: preparing for first night08:13 minutes
27/03/2008All-group supper at Dimona11:02 minutes
27/03/2008Dimona: meeting after supper11:10 minutes

 Friday 28/3/2008 
28/03/2008Morning at Chan Hashayaro08:00 minutes
28/03/2008Morning camels02:23 minutes
28/03/2008Wadi Gov: first hike10:53 minutes
28/03/2008Long trek into the Wadi19:24 minutes
28/03/2008Wadi Gov, supposed to be a family hike07:14 minutes
28/03/2008Udi Agam's inventions01:35 minutes
28/03/2008Wadi Gov: slip sliding away01:40 minutes
28/03/2008Wadi Gov: snakes, sorry, ropes and ladders04:21 minutes
28/03/2008End of hike, sitting around in the Wadi02:16 minutes
28/03/2008Kabalt Shabbat at Chan Hashayarot03:09 minutes
28/03/2008Crazy party, part 1 of 505:55 minutes
28/03/2008Crazy party, part 2 of 506:03 minutes
28/03/2008Crazy party, part 3 of 509:37 minutes
28/03/2008Crazy party, part 4 of 510:21 minutes
28/03/2008Crazy party, part 5 of 509:43 minutes

 Saturday 29/3/2008 
29/03/2008Ein Yorkeam I10:01 minutes
29/03/2008Ein Yorkeam II08:56 minutes
29/03/2008Personal hike up Snapir Mt.02:15 minutes
29/03/2008Lahavim forest. Lunch and party09:31 minutes
29/03/2008Interviews on the way home09:13 minutes

 Video clips before 2008 - listed chronologically:- 
15/04/2004"Buttwiser: 4 day Hermon-Eilat bike ride21:18 minutes
24/11/2003Nelson Yefet on Israeli TV - 21:19 minutes
10/09/2000Opening the new road17:35 minutes
07/02/2000Iddish evening: Mossie in "the village drunk"07:01 minutes
08/05/1999Upper Wadi Amud hike19:00 minutes
--/03/1998Snow White & the seven dwarfs03:51 minutes
--/--/----Yair Doari's film about Michael32:38 minutes

 Kfar-Hanassi 50th anniversary & Nostalgic evening 
24/07/1998"The Full Monty" - Kfar-Hanassi 50th anniversary06:58 minutes
02/07/1998Shosh & Gershie - "Don't worry be happy"02:11 minutes
24/07/1998Lahakat Hanachal01:33 minutes
24/07/1998Shosh & Gershie - "I can't get no satisfaction"01:56 minutes
24/07/1998The full Monty04:02 minutes
24/07/1998The band03:06 minutes

 Old 8-mm films converted to digital format 
 Source: Arieh & Tamar Wolfin 
1/12/2007Tour of the kibbutz with Tommy Amit part one18:40 minutes
1/12/2007Tour of the kibbutz with Tommy Amit part two18:09 minutes
1/12/2007Tour of the kibbutz with Tommy Amit part three10:03 minutes
23/3/08Tour of the kibbutz with Tommy Amit part one14:11 minutes
23/3/08Tour of the kibbutz with Tommy Amit part two23:25 minutes
23/4/2007Independance day 2007 "Dalia Itzik" & "The band"7:56 minutes
--/--/1975first 2 seasons of 4 at Kfar Hanassi11:31 minutes
--/--/1975Second 2 seasons of 4 at Kfar Hanassi9:59 minutes
--/--/1978Shavuot and Shauli's wedding11:28 minutes
 24 hours in kfar-Hanassi17:29 minutes
--/--/1973-4Yom Kippur war & later21:10 minutes
--/--/1979First grade MAROM1:21 minutes
--/--/1983#1Meshek Trip to Egypt33:57 minutes
--/--/1983#2Meshek Trip to Egypt19:26 minutes
--/--/1982-3Hrtzog, Phone lines & purim8:29 minutes
 Building the RECHES project24:10 minutes
--/--/1975Kfar-Hanassi10:52 minutes
--/--/1973Independence day, Shavuot, 25th anniversary3:49 minutes
--/--/1975Meshek trip to Sinai1:59 minutes
--/--/197325th anniversary17:40 minutes
--/--/1978General, soccer, school, agriculture13:49 minutes
--/--/1978Kibbutz 30th anniversary14:38 minutes
--/--/197225th? woman's day27:25 minutes

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