Videostalgic: Nostalgic Kfar-Hanassi Video clips
This colection of video clips was digitized by Ori Chait who has spent hours on end over a long period of time, doing so.
The sources are various media found anywhere possible - and sometimes impossible !!

 A random collection of video clips - will be sorted some day ;-) 
24/08/1992Kfar-Hanassi - Economia00:49 minutes
--/--/1992Kfar-Hanassi Luna Park 03:12 minutes
20/02/1993luna park roundabout00:44 minutes
--/--/----harold showing jeremy park & meshek yeladim08:42 minutes
--/--/----Harold: part 109:46 minutes
--/--/----Harold: part 303:53 minutes
--/--/----Evelyn: dinning room & Moadon04:34 minutes
--/--/----Economia01:16 minutes
--/--/----magazine KHTV #1 part 109:31 minutes
--/--/----magazine KHTV #1 part 210:53 minutes
--/--/----magazine KHTV #2 part 115:48 minutes
--/--/----magazine KHTV #2 part 215:15 minutes
--/--/----Expanding houses05:05 minutes
--/--/----SHINUI - The changing kibbutz05:12 minutes
--/--/----Opening ceremony of park "ziv"08:48 minutes
--/--/----Video bloopers: FISFUSIM09:04 minutes
--/--/----Installing Shoni Wallach's dragon on the dinning room roof03:59 minutes
--/--/----THAT Negev trip02:56 minutes
--/--/----The good-old pub (Dinning room)07:52 minutes
--/--/----Shalom KIta Alef03:37 minutes
--/--/1992magazine KHTV: Shavuot festival03:05 minutes
--/--/----magazine KHTV: Youth rooms07:09 minutes
--/--/1992Snow on the kibbutz - part 114:35 minutes
--/--/----Snow on the kibbutz - part 214:36 minutes
--/--/----The bottle invention01:21 minutes
--/--/----"Sinai" end of school play - part 114:36 minutes
--/--/----"Sinai" end of school play - part 214:36 minutes
--/--/----"Sinai" end of school play - part 314:36 minutes
--/--/----"Sinai" end of school play - part 414:32 minutes
--/--/----The "Cataraft" project04:58 minutes
--/--/1993Shavuot - part 114:28 minutes
--/--/1993Shavuot - part 214:36 minutes
--/--/1993Shavuot - part 302:27 minutes
--/--/1993"Mishloach Ofot", Moving chickens03:26 minutes
--/--/----Kfar-Hanassi "Village" fashion show09:08 minutes
--/--/1969Shavuot party03:58 minutes
--/--/----Evelyn: "Machsan Begadim" - Cloths store03:28 minutes
--/--/----Batya processing heads and haircuts00:40 minutes
--/--/----Basket ball at Kfar-Hanassi00:46 minutes
--/--/1993The swimming pool area02:37 minutes
--/--/----The old Markolit00:20 minutes
--/--/----Harold: Kfar-Hanassi and teh Jordan04:47 minutes
--/--/----Bar-Mitzva "Charuv" - part 108:46 minutes
--/--/----Bar-Mitzva "Charuv" - part 210:34 minutes
--/--/----Bar-Mitzva "Charuv" - part 301:25 minutes
--/--/----Bar-Mitzva "Charuv" - part 409:40 minutes
--/--/----Bar-Mitzva "Charuv" - part 508:29 minutes
--/--/----Horses at Meshek-Yeladim (Kids farm)00:39 minutes
--/--/197?Purim parade00:58 minutes

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